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  1. I dont know what soap you use but try cetaphil's sensitive skin facial bar soap. stop using the lancome stuff and continue with neutrogena. you mite want to try cliniques moisture surge extra thirsty skin relief moisturizer. instead of clearsil switch to ponds facial wipes that are oil free and alcohol free. you will definitly see a difference when you use these products along with your prescription if any.
  2. clean your makeup brushes if possible every day and use oil free powder. change your pillow case every two days.
  3. try finesse shampoo and conditioner. it is oil free and therefore will help if you have acne prone skin. also it smells great and is available at your local supermarket, cvs,etc for a mere 3-4 dollars.
  4. I was going through a rough phase for past couple of months due to acne but now i feel a lot better about myself. i followed a simple regimen and maybe it can also help you clear your acne. 1.) Visit a dermatologist and get some prescription...be patient and use it for atleast two months to see the difference in your skin condition. 2.) Use cetaphil sensitive skin facial bar to clean your face before bed time. 3.) Use clinique's benzoyl peroxide face cleanser in the morning as it uclogs po
  5. Alcohol does not help acne in any way. Further, it aggravates acne and makes it worse. Try water with lemon next time you go drinking. maybe 5 glasses of it to make a difference when you wake up next morning.