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  1. It's up to you to find out what works for you. I work out religiously and it has more benefits than negatives (fish oil). On a side note: Humans are so wired for instant gratification. No one here ever really considers anything except vanity. I've found that just not caring that you have acne and re-framing your entire situation can yield the greatest results; trust me, I never noticed anyone with acne until I got it. I used to be so down because I didn't have great skin, and eventually devel
  2. I WOULD recommend them. Take about 500 mg twice a day. It has GREATLY reduced my redness, among other health benefits, my metabolism has sped up greatly also.
  3. Went to my doctor and he prescribed me a compound of: 2% clinda 10% isopropyl alcohol 90% water Note: I realize that's 102% but that's what the bottle says Been using it for 2 days and my skin is getting smoother and the bumps are going away. I've gone from 10 active pimples to 3. However, it is getting a little blush, think I may be getting chemical burn, or it could be the fact that I just got out of the shower. Also, my skin is less oily. Again this could attribute to my body adjusting to
  4. Most people around the boards seem to wash twice daily, some only with water, others with cleansers, etc. I judge how my skin is and THEN decide. That's why each person needs to try different routines with various products to see which ones work for them. Reading the threads that pertain to the type of acne you have, allows you to see what has worked for most individuals. That's why I've tried different routines and products to find what my skin most loves, then simply alternate products or r
  5. So It's all right to wash my face 3 times a day. Generally what I do is wake up: - use oil blotting papers - go to work (7 am - 3:30 pm) - gym by 5:00 (shower by 6:15, cleanse at this time) - Go in the sauna - dry off - go home apply BP and moisturize However, during this time I was a different shift (3 pm - 11 pm), so it would become: - gym (9:15) - cleanse (11:00 or 12:00 in the morning) - apply BP and moisturize - go to work, blotting papers around 8 pm. - come home and shower - move to be
  6. lol Not to give a chuckle... but did you really need to do all those new things at the same time!?! lol Let's go about this in an organized fashion. Start with the things you have been doing the longest and then jot down how your skin looked at THAT time. For instance, you have been sleeping on your forehead (which I don't get how you can do that btw) and your forehead is probably the worst part of your face by how you phrased it. Even though you do wash your pillowcases 2X a week, you mig
  7. I've got a NASTY breakout. Here's the story: 3 days ago, I ate about 1 cup of ice cream, and I normally do not eat dairy. I shaved the next day, after not shaving with a razor for about 1 month. I work in a VERY hot environment (factory job) and have been for about 3 weeks. However, I slept on my cheek, and usually sleep on my forehead (and coincidently, have a bad forehead), and now have broken out on my cheek. This happened within the last week or so, and seems to accumulate more and more pap
  8. I've had a chinstrap for YEARS and about 3 days ago shaved it down to a goatee; I'm now breaking out, I think facial hair is neutral as long as it is maintained well and kept clean. Hope that helps.
  9. I have pretty much cleared up the active acne on my forehead and rarely get any below my eyebrows, but seem to continue getting it above both my eyebrows? Any suggestions, ideas. I've submitted 2 topics already and no ones answered anything. Please, help
  10. Can anyone suggest a good oily skin cleanser that won't dry me out or cause more breakouts. Also, can it be something I can purchase in Canada. Thanks.
  11. So. After about 4 months of using a tea tree oil cleanser and 5% BP morning and night, then moisturizing once it dries. I've had some success. Now, I have a lot of red marks. I'm guessing they are inactive pimples, because about 3 of them; clustered, came back yesterday morning. How can I avoid this from happening? I also do the following: - only wash my face twice, rarely touching it - run 2-6 km a day - weight lifting - stay away from dairy and sweets - eat a fair bit of fruit - drink 1-3 lit
  12. I was actually just gonna make a thread like this. Sorry to jack it but I have a quick question...do I apply moisturizer after putting on my BP cream, on top of the BP?
  13. All right, so I've been using something Clearasil Icewash to cleanse my skin, then applied 5% BP to my face. After about 15-20 minutes I apply Impruv Moisturizer. I've gotten to the point where there are just many red marks on my face, that show up mid-day and I'm not sure why. I use oil pads because my face is really oily. This regimen dries the hell out of my face so I'm going to try using tea tree oil to cleanse instead of the salicylic acid in the icewash. My question is, how can I get rid o
  14. I bought a 5% BP water-soluble cream and after using it for 3 days I've seen good results but it's drying my face out, alot. I can't find a 2.5 so I'll stick with this. My question is, how should I moisturize. I have a cream called Impruv, I'm just not sure when to apply it. I wash my face morning and night with a salicylic acid cleanser then apply the BP once my face has dryed entirely. I'm just not sure when to moisturize to ensure that the BP takes effect. Before application of BP or After?