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  1. Hi, yes My second treatment went fine still a bit swollen and it took much less time than the first treatment... I can’t see if there is an improvement yet as it is still swollen but he used a thin filler and fanned it out around my cheek area. He said I would benefit from RF microneedling too. My scars are not so deep and they are rolling scars. I mean, I guess I probably would benefit but it’s 375 for sub is ion microneedling and radio frequency and he said an extra 225 for fillers
  2. Hi, I’m not sure about lasers in Greece but I did have filler for my acne scars there with a plastic surgeon who seemed to do the job. I’m not sure if he now does subcision as this was a few years ago but I can send you his details when I’m home...
  3. Good evening all, I am going for my second subcision tomorrow with Dr CHu’s associate, only this time instead of subcision/prp I am having subcision/filler. Ive been quoted 250 for subcision and just wondered how much others are paying roughly for the same treatment? Can someone also recommend a Peel they use at home which actually works on them? I’d like to also needle and peel inbeteeen treatments. I’ve had many lasers and seen no results so hopefully I’m going to see
  4. Quick question can someone recommend an at home dermapen and peel they use in between treatments. I’ve tried microneedling but find it a bit painful I somehow imagine the pen will be quicker and little more tolerable?! Thanks! P.s I’m not new to all of this I’ve tried many treatments so I don’t need a light beginner peel.
  5. Good evening, I recently had subcusion, dermapen and PRP for rolling acne scars. Can someone recommend an at home dermapen? Is there a difference between dermapen in clinic to the one you can buy online apart from the size? I’m pretty sure I could do it myself as a general all over skin boost and would rather do it at home and be red and hide and not pay so much money! Thank you!
  6. This is the reply I got Incase anyone else was looking to book. I’m also considering an appointment with his associate Dr Anil as he does all the same procedures as Dr Chu and is closer to me now they closed the clinic. West London Dermatology Centre is now closed. To book an appointment for a consultation you need to call the new clinic on 0330 999 6833. His consulting rooms are now based at: Skinmedico 215 Chiswick High Road London W4 2DW
  7. Is it possible to send me the details to book with Dr Chu? I have searched the website but cannot seem to find the link for him... i agree I’ve spent a lot of money with very little result including lasers which took me 6 weeks at a time to recover from. Very disappointing
  8. Good evening, I have rolling acne scars on my cheeks and I’m looking for a good doctor in Birmingham (UK) but I’m willing to travel. I’ve already had Dermaroller, peels and strong laser. After watching YouTube videos from Dr Davin Lim (it would be a dream to live in Australia and have him as my doctor!) I can only assume subcision and filler will help me. Has anyone had experience with a doctor they could reccomend?? Thank you!!