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  1. I just saw my husbands exwife at a funeral and she is 3 years younger than I am (I am 48). She comes from a family of good genes as far as unwrinkled skin on both sides of the family when they age. I could not believe my eyes I was in total shock. She looked 10 years older than I am. She likes being outdoors. Same thing with another friend of mine. My sister likes to be outside and we have the same skin and gene background she is 3 years older than I am. She has aged alot. I used to sun bathe in
  2. If you want to keep that youthful pretty face I recommend that you don't tan and wear a sunscreen everyday whether inside or out. Tanning is the worst thing for your skin. There are other products you can use to fade the red marks and with time they will fade on their own. In the meantime a good mineral makeup concealer wll work wonders.
  3. Gudi, If you read my post carefully you will see that I was using this as an examplle. I have no Idea if a teaspon = 5 mil. I was just using it as an example. You will have to measure and see how much is in your vial and then just add equal amount of water. Or just measure out a teaspoon of solution and go from there.
  4. Take 1 of your vials and the same amount of water as TCA that is in the vial. If the vial holds 5 mil add 5 mil of water to make 50%. Then take your 50% solution which should have 10 mil total and add 10 mil more of water to make 25%. Now take to 20 mil solution and add 20 mil water to make 12.5 % solution. So in other words you could take your 5 mil solution and add 35% water which would make 12.5%. The mil is just a guesstimate on how much you vial contains. I used this as an example. You must
  5. www.everydayminerals.com Very good affordable prices. They have a glowy version and a matte version.
  6. I use a more expensive glycolic lotion but I got my friend a jar of this as she gets cystic break outs and she loves it. She said she has not gotten one since starting to use this.
  7. No this would not affect the ph of the TCA, Glycolic Acid at 70% mixed with water has a ph of 1, at 5% it is a ph of 2.1, Lactic Acid is very close to the same. Mixed with TCA it would be about 1.5. The only reason they are mixing it with the LA and GA is that it is a smaller molecule and can help the TCA to penetrate more evenly. MUAC is also mixed acids.
  8. You have neostrada in Canada. Find a 10% neostrada gel or cream.
  9. That is a very good salacylic acid product. It has the proper ph which is 3.2.
  10. Why not. If you use a mineral make up and apply this to just the scar area it will look like natural skin. You do need to make sure the color matches your skin good. Look on the makeup forum and look at the mineral makeup posts.
  11. I make my own but it is like Professional Solutions Formulations sold by Diana Yvonne. It consists of 2% salacylic acid, SD Alcohol, and propelyne glycol. My skin is oily and the alochol does not dry me. It consists of 2 parts alochol and 1 part propelyene glycol. I like it because it absorbs immediately. This is at a ph of 1.9 kind of like a peel so it has very good efficiacy. I don't like products that have a lot of preservatives and tons of ingredients. My skin does better with simple and cle
  12. Mica can break out some people but Titanium Dioxide can too in high amounts. This formula has more TO than ZO. You may want one that contains more ZO than TO. Whatever is the higher amount will be listed first.
  13. I use both! A salacylic acid toner and glycolic acid lotion. The two together do wonders for the pores and skin. Keeps my acne controlled that I hardly ever experience breakouts.
  14. How many peels did you do? It takes a series of at least 6 peels a week apart. For your skin tone you can do a 40% safely but will have pigmentation problems if you go any higher.