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  1. Anyone out there that has taken Bactrim with birth control?
  2. Has anyone used Bacrtim and birth control?
  3. Could any of you give some advice on what kind of makeup will cover good but not make me look like a clown or break out? any make up advice would be great
  4. Hi Jim thats what I was hoping for as well, I want to start on a low dose to hopefully avoid the IB. I just cant believe the condition of my skin right now. Any way good luck Cosette
  5. Hi there Chicky1, I also have a question. Why did you do such a low dose? was it because your acne was mild or are you really small? Im considering tane and am trying to get some info. Cosette
  6. MichaelB that is an awful story. Did you start out on a high dose of tane? Was your acne really bad to start out with? I dont understand why some people have a great experience and some have it so terrible. Thank you for you input though. Cosette
  7. Thanks Yvette I really appreciate your support. Im gonna try the Progesterone starting Tuesday keep your fingers crossed for me. If it helps again I will know once and for all its hormonal and can take it from there. I would rather be on progest with 0 side effects. I will continue to follow your progress. Do you wear makeup and if you do what brand covers well and doesn't make things worse. Cosette...........
  8. Hi Jim, I have acne that comes and goes and is severe, yesterday I saw the derm she said the A word as well. I should start nov 25th if all goes well. Keep me updated on your progress I would like to see how it goes for others. Good Luck
  9. Hi Yvette, Ive really enjoyed reading your log, I know what you are going through sounds like hell but reading what you had to say about croc woman made me laugh so hard, I really needed that. I might be taking the tane plunge in a month so Im reading a lot of posts. Keep up the good attitude and great sence of humor. Cosette Ps. it will all be worth it
  10. Hi Im some what new here, this is my story. I never had acne my whole life until two years ago out of nowhere I started breaking out really bad within two weeks it was everywhere and the cystic kind. Tried just about everything and nothing helped. After five months it stopped completely. I had low progesterone levels so I started taking progesterone my skin was great again until 7 months later BAM again out of nowhere this time for six weeks. Skin was great another 7 months. in the last three
  11. Have been reading lots of stories, they all sound pretty familiar. Have read alot about dry eyes, has anyone taken accutane that wears contacts? my eyes are dry a lot anyway. Also my acne is weird in the sense that I have had three severe breakouts in my life this being number three. Comes out of nowhere lasts a while then disappears, has any one had acne like that? Did the pregnancy test today and am trying to figure out if I should take the plunge. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. I was reading I pledge and it stated you had to use two acceptable forms of birth control. Does anyone know what some of those would be? My husband has a vasectomy I wonder if that counts as one?
  13. Wanted to know if there is anyone out there that has taken accutane 10-20mg. to start. Did it work and what were the side effects?