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  1. I have an open pore/whitehead on my nose that fills up with white pus every morning. After I shower, I give it a light squeeze and the pus comes out easily. After the pus is gone, I can see the pore is open with red underneath. It is NOT inflamed at all. Just an open/broken pore. However Ive had this same pore filled with white pus for a month now. It does not seem to be healing or closing. Any advice?
  2. This thread and journey is amazing. Your skin is looking great. Keep updating us. I agree that scarred skin can never be perfect again. I learned that after my first few treatments. You will learn, over time, to be happy with the improvements. The shallow scars dont bother me so much. At this point, I just have a few scars that bother me. Mostly on my left temple and cheek. Do you know if Dr Rullan is continuing practice for a while?
  3. Did you do any suctioning? It helps a lot. Did you notice him missing any scars? This was a huge problem for me with subcision with Dr Rullan
  4. They work well but will likely require followups since it's hard to see the scar when the skin swells starting from the first injection. Lasts about a half year. You will need less of it overtime since it stimulates collagen growth. Some very minor scars may disappear permanently after a couple injections. That's my experience with restylane and perlane.
  5. I believe you should not use AHA+ for at least a few days before and after subcision. Will you be using suction?
  6. You can take vitamin c supplements too to promote collagen growth. Are suction cups commonly used for suction now? I used a vacuum hose in the past.
  7. Your scarring is light. Subcision with nokor with suction should fix it. You might only need 1 session.
  8. Ive never been a fan of getting a filler and subcision during the same treatment. The reason is because your face swells up after one treatment and your scars are then very hard to see when doing the 2nd treatment, unless there is discolorization.
  9. Where do you live? Are there no good derms or surgeons that is driving distance?
  10. Fillers, TCA cross. I had both done during my first 1-2 subcision treatments but eventually made it clear I only want subcision. He will always recommend more services (more $$) but for me, subcision is the only thing I've had results from. If I can do fillers now, I can make 75% of my scars disappear.
  11. I've had 4 subcisions with Nokor needle with Dr Rullan and never had hematomas. I'm interested subcision with cannula needle. Thinking of getting my 5th one but at this point most of my rolling scars are untethered (disappears when stretching the skin). I dont know if subcision works very well on these. Ive had restylane in the past but was very disappointed because I feel like a touchup is needed afterwards after your swelling goes down. edit: Did some research and it seems @beautifulambi
  12. I think Rullan is overrated with subcision. He has the experience but doesnt take precautions to ensure the best results. You can get good package deals with him though. And if you continue to return, he will charge you less. I think I paid under $1500 for 4 subcisions from him for moderate scarring but that was years ago.
  13. My doctor believes the opposite since, in theory, the filler would last for months and prevent the scars from reappearing after the bruising has gone down.