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  1. I heard from BeautifulAmbition that Subcision and Radiesse could work in the temple region for atrophic acne scars. Not sure if Rullan uses that filler though.
  2. $2000 for one session of Secret RF is absurd. If you're from Manhattan you may as well travel to Brooklyn and look into Dr. Khrom. She offers 3 sessions of Infini for $1800.
  3. Yeah $1000 is something you'd expect to pay for subcision with hyaluronic acid fillers, not saline subcison.
  4. @Stef3000 If you post a picture (try to use angled lighting), members on this forum can help you identify your scar type. Of course, feel free to block out your eyes or the rest of your face. If you want more professional opinions, you can post your pictures on Realself.com. Dermatologists and other skin experts can help you there.
  5. @SutterCane If you get subcision, fillers is highly recommended. The point of the filler is to prevent the reattachment of the scars bands AND stimulate collagen production especially if it's Sculptra or Radiesse. Acne scar sufferers are generally poor healers or cannot regenerate enough collagen without a filler, which is why fillers is needed in most cases. You will get some permanent improvement from the subcision and fillers as long as enough collagen is stimulated.
  6. TL has much more risks and complications than Nokor. TL does not discriminate. It cuts through everything, even healthy areas (lots of potential collateral damage). At least with Nokor, it's more localized to the scar alone.
  7. If you're talking about the discoloration/redness, several sessions of Vbeam laser or Excel V would help with that.
  8. You are right. As far as I can tell, most of your scars are boxcar and icepick scars. TCA/Phenol Cross would help with these. Ask your dermatologist to subcise any tethered areas.
  9. I haven't been to her, but Dr. Julia Tzu (wall street dermatology) offers subcision and HA fillers at her practice. There are some before and afters on her website that you can check out.
  10. Yeah, I don't know how long retethering takes. Generally, I believe fillers with subcision are better than subcision without fillers because fillers can stimulate more collagen production and act as a spacer. So if you can afford it, stick with cannula subcision and use fillers next time. Also be aware that even a small change in the angle that light shines on you can make a pretty significant difference in scar appearance. You may not even realize that the angle is different, sometimes.
  11. @Ivan_070703 Did you get filler done with the Nokor subcision? Filler is important after subcision, as a spacer, to prevent retethering. Scars can retether in a way that make them worse than before the subcision.
  12. @LookinLikeTheMoon if you are new to retin-A/vitamin A-derivatives, you could try starting out at 0.01% to get used to it before moving up to 0.1%, 0.025% or 0.05%
  13. @daelz7 vbeam is proven to work for vascular issues like PIE (redness) yes
  14. Studies suggest 0.3% could help with acne scars, especially if they are early (i.e. less than 3 months old). But as others have said, adapalene reduces the amount of redness (by reducing inflammation) and reduces hyperpigmentation (by increasing cellular turnover) which helps even older scars with any discoloration LOOK better. Pigmentation/erythema tends to make acne scars look deeper than they are, especially under angled lighting.
  15. Redness tends to go away given time and with adequate sunscreen use. Topicals such as vitamin c and niacinamide may help. But if you want more potent treatments, pulse dye laser (ex: Vbeam Prima/Perfecta) helps a lot. It can take 3-6 sessions.