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  1. Thank you so much for assuring me that it is improving! I am using Topicrem Compensation moisturizing cream that my dermatologist suggested. It is not a Niacinamide cream, so maybe I will switch it up when the bottle empties out just to try it. But I don't use the moisturizing cream that much, around once every week if that. I think it would be better if I used it more often, but not certain .
  2. Its been more than a month following this routine and I just applied a cream. Seems like an improvement. But on the forehead I noticed a red line that looks like a wrinkle but I'm only 19 so I am thinking its from acne, does anyone know what it is?
  3. I see, I will search for some topical niacinamide. And I mean from what it looks it is getting better slowly, I just want to know what should I do for the scars right now I am thinking they will fade away considering that I am 19 and I got acne the same time my brother did and he came out with minimal to no scarring.
  4. Ok so, I have been following my routine from the start of summer 2019 to now. Morning was face with a shampoo my dermatologist gave me(forgot the name), follow with https://froika.com/en/portfolio/ac-lotion-f/ and then https://froika.com/en/portfolio/ac-sal-peptide-cream/ but rarely when my skin is too dry a moisturizer. I then get one Alphane Zinc pill and done for the morning. Next before I go to sleep, I wash my face with the same shampoo I apply AC LOTION F and then I alternate each day betw
  5. i see any other cheaper alternative? Or time? I can't do VBEAM since its too pricey, but rn I use a mixture between a cream called acnatac in the night and acnecide in the morning. I take Alphane Zinc tablets, this is what my dermatologist said to do for the acne.
  6. I see, how long do you think this might take take to clear up? I started acne treatment at the start of summer with antibiotics and now I am using moisturizer in the mornings and acnatac in the night.
  7. If you can advise me how to get Nystatin powder that would be really helpful and I apply morning sometimes afternoon and night before I go to bed.
  8. It has gotten worse as the picture j just took looks like. I don't know how to get Nystatin in the UK to be honest but j did buy more terbenafine and a different clotrimazole brand (canesten).
  9. I cannot seem to find any topical nystatin cream in the UK. Any ideas?
  10. First pic was two days ago and second was today. I'm not sure if I'm seeing progress though.
  11. I'm in week 2 and according to my family it is clearing up. I will post pictures hopefully this week. I'm guessing I'll have to stick with this for around 4 weeks.
  12. Ok I will buy it by the end of next week and I will keep posting updates on this thread thanks
  13. I have not taken any antibiotics, I do have dandruff but not to a massive extent. I have slightly white tongue towards the back end of the tongue. Tbh I am pretty positive I have not taken anything.