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  1. happy bday we have it in the same day !!! wish u the best

  2. I was still breaking out on day 40. It took me 85 days before I could decide if it worked or not. Give it 3 months before you give up and don't add any other products to the regimen AT ALL. Good Luck
  3. I agree with Lydia, Stay away form the vinegar. My face was quite damaged within 3 weeks of incorporating the diluted vinegar, all the while, i thought it was doing better. I started recovering immediately the day after I cut it out of my regimen.
  4. Day 85: One pimple! and fading! YEAH!!! ... sssshhh! I don't wanna jinx it. I'm a week away from my period and no sign of upcoming acne. I'm hoping the regimen will keep me clear this time and hope I'm done with breakouts. The next two weeks will tell...... I use less bp now because I really want the red marks to fade quicker. The bp slows down the healing. So my regimen for the last 5 days has been: Morning: Cetaphil lotion Neutrogena Moisturizer Night: Cetaphil Lotion BP Neutrogena O
  5. Thanx Catwoman....I will keep Dan's bp bottle. I haven't ruled it out just yet. Day 78: I've got 2 small pimples and none on the way (one on the side of my mouth and the other on the lower left cheek). My red marks are starting to fade since i'm starting to use less bp on my skin (3/4 of a finger). Also alot drinking water helps alot. I still don't consider myself 100% clear. I want ther ed marks gone and no breakouts for at least 2 to 3 weeks. This has taken so long that I can't believe m
  6. My experience with the red marks have been the following: 1. Drinking water 2 to 3 litres a day really helps with the red marks. 2. Avoid putting bp on the red mark and it will help it heal faster. The bp actually slows down the healing of the red marks for me. 3. Moisturize twice daily All this hasn't gotten rid of my red marks but has definately speeded the healing process and has helped tone down the redness. Also the vinegar wash help with the red marks but caused a MASSIVE breakout wh
  7. I used Polysporin (same thing, just a different company) and it has healed one cyst and 2 pimples that I popped without leaving behind any red marks. Sadly, it has done nothing for upcoming pimples. I applied it for 3 days, three times a day just like the box suggests.
  8. Day 76: Today is a good, good day. I feel like I'm back on track. If I didn't have any red marks left over from the bp, my face would be 100% clear. The polysporin (or neosporin) really helped the healing pimples and the one stubborn cyst on my cheek but have done nothing for the upcoming pimple on my bottom left cheek. I am starting to use only one finger of On the Spot BP and because my face is smoothed down( without bumps), it seems to be too much bp for me at this point. I'm going to s
  9. Day 75: I have 3 pimples below my chin and one healing cyst on my face. I put polysporin on them last night TWICE, as a spot treatment and this morning they feel much smaller. They're not gone, but they feel smaller. The polysporin helped heal the pimple I had picked at (lower left chin) and the cyst on my left cheek feels a bit smaller. It didn't do much to the upcoming pimple ( the lower left bottom jaw line). I didn't spot treat the right pimple with polysporin and that has not changed
  10. Hey avron, I've spent the last three days drinking 9 glasses of water/day. I'm hoping this will help my skin improve. Also check out this interesting thread on polysporin: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...opic=28320&st=0 I'll update the results from the polysporin trial tomorrow.
  11. I've applied polysporin ( the red box) on one busted pimple, one resident cyst and one growing spot (all visible in my pic). I will post an updated pic tomorrow with the miraculous results.
  12. Day 73: I have too many red marks. 2 active pimples ( one under my mouth, the other on my left cheek). The rest are all red marks.
  13. Hey Avron, visit this site http://www.brita.com/002i.html and click on " YOUR DAILY WATER NEEDS ". It should give you a good idea of how much water you need per day.
  14. Avron, I'm using Cetaphil Lotion as a cleanser. I really like it. No thick residue left over. Day 71: I'm back on Neutrogena on the Spot and have stopped using Dan's BP Gel. I feel confident that by Day 90, I should be clear. Also, I have started drinking 2 litres of water per day as of yesterday. Regimen Day and Night: Cetaphil Lotion Neutrogena On the Spot BP Neuterogena Moisturizer for sensitive skin 2 Litres of water throughout the day.