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  1. got quite a few on my jawline, which oddly enough sting sometimes because my beard is there. im trying sudocreme and cocoa butter together to see if it does any thing. its getting worse and theres no acne there!! there never was!
  2. they are annoying tbh i tried some cococa butter on it, but that didnt that nothing. so what else is there to try? o yh and h&s, that jus made it red so no.
  3. looool clogged pores, well i hope they are. derm sed they are scars, but with nothing to form a scar in the first place i duno. need some hope!
  4. Hi i made a post about this in november, they werent so bad then. but they didnt get any better. i was on accutane for a year wich cleared my acne up. i get no spots now. just these "things" on my jawline get worse. new ones can come up sometimes (hws that possible if i get no acne? lol), i dno it jus looks bad tbh i reckon they are keloid but i havent had any acne there for them to form.. they dont hurt, they just itch. help!
  5. nice 1, i need to go on accutane again. jus bin 2 months n im breaking out again. tchhhh
  6. ur right they do. but in this case they are on the face. and no previous acne was there before.
  7. thats what ive herd. lets hope not.
  8. i neva tried dans cleanser. dnt wanna pay for something overpriced n themn fiind out it doesnt work. the testimonials r all gd and that but to get it shippd from US is long. ne way i sed creamy one cos thats what my derm said to use. non of this gel crap, or liquid thing u put on cotton wool.
  9. ne normal person wud say accutane. if u cant get hold of it, standard face wash (creamy type). twice a day. and always moisturise.
  10. i dno. is that safe to use on the face. dont wanna get burnt like some ppl say head and shoulders gave them burns. u think it would actually help though?
  11. hmmm it could be razor bumps. but i dont have curly hair. and they look like their gnna spread upwards. need to fix it sooooooooon somehow