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  1. i remember someone also saying something about colostrum powder. I forget who though.... so u should do a search.
  2. so the frosting look went away after the 1st day.... And now ur in the scabbing phase i guess? thanks for the photos jill
  3. thanks for posting ur scar pictures. This is exactly what i needed to see. Did you just do the cross today and you did it urself? Keep the pictures coming.... I'm slowly working up the nerve to do Cross.
  4. i've been using the clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub... its ok. Usually after one wash i can see little things sticking out of my pores. So i scrub over those areas again to get the skin fully clean. I'm gonna have to try that neutrogena acne mask/scrub. But my staple is the neutrogena nightly clear pore treatment. My dark marks always clear up a lot faster when i use it consistently.
  5. the week leading up to your period make sure you stay away from any products high in sugar, dairy products, or over-processed food (like fast food). And Drink lots of water. This not only helped me with ending the monthly breakouts, but it helped a lot with pms symptoms too.
  6. is anybody watching the show. They have a girl on there with Acne. i cant really tell, but i guess its really visible in person. Her Acne looks more rash-like than actual cysts. And they keep bringing it up. They keep asking her what her one big insecurity is. Like they dont know already. Looks like she may have some large pores or scarred/ice pick pores on her cheeks too. Its good to see she's still going after her dream even though the business is not friendly to Acne sufferers.
  7. thanks for the pics oldguy Good Luck!!!
  8. does anybody have pictures of themselves or know of someone with pictures of when they r in the healing stage of the TCA cross... When you still have the scabs on your face. I keep hearing how are really profound. But i cant picture it... Is it worse than the usual dark mark after a pimple. Is the scab just in the scar or does it spread out to the surrounding area like the dark mark. i'm trying to figure out what my next step should be... --go see a derm.. Dr. Frank about TCA Cross --buy th
  9. hey brookeugogirl and p, how have your cross treatments with Dr. Frank been? Also besides the $200 price for CROSS, whats the consultation fee? How has your improvement been? hmm Dr. Frank is kinda cute. Looks like he belongs on the show Miami Slice with all those plastic surgeons living the life in Florida, well minus the hurricanes.
  10. hey P , make sure to keep us updated on your progress and how much improvement you've gotten from the cross.
  11. http://www.pfrankmd.com/index3.html is this who you went to see??
  12. goodluck with your improvement. Its good to finally hear someone else in NY is doing TCA cross besides Rappaport. hmm 250 bucks for 10 spots. Sounds a lot better than 800 dollars for the whole face. How did you hear about Dr. Frank? And did he discourage you from doing Cross on your other scars? Do you think if you went back and asked him to perform them on your boxcars that he would do them anyway or refuse? i dont think i'm ready to take the TCA Cross step yet, but i want to know as
  13. i have the exact same thing. I have/had 2..... one formed inside a scar of a previous pimple. It formed inside a slash like scar. So now its a dark red color, soft to touch, deflates when you touch it just like yours. i thought i was getting a keloid or something (which i have never had before either). Maybe its a bloodclot?? And a couple of weeks ago another one formed on my other cheek. This one is slowly going away. Never had anything like this before. I've been putting aloe vera on