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  1. Are you supposed to leave a blood clot on the skin, or wipe it off so the wound is clean? It looks kind of strange walking around with little blood dots all of the face, but I don't want to interrupt anything necessary to the healing process.
  2. Buuuuuuuump. I use hibisrucb and some dettol diluted with water on cotton pads. I am not a medical expert though, this is just what I do for me and it seems ok. Thank you Greg!
  3. I live in the US and I had no trouble finding Hibiclens (same thing) at Walgreens. Thanks you Minty Peas! :) Does it aggravate your skin at all? I'm glad to see they have it at Walgreens, I should have checked when I bought the pen needles there. :doh: Does anyone find this cause for concern? "Do not use: if you are allergic to chlorhexidine gluconate or any other ingredients in this preparation as a patient preoperative skin preparation of the head or face in contact with the
  4. Does anyone prepare the skin with anything OTHER than Hibiscrub? I'm looking for an alternate method since Hibiscrub is not readily available in the U.S. I asked on another post if you can just wash the face, but I assume this creates a higher chance for infection. After I get my Terproline I'm ready to start needling. I can't wait !
  5. Honeygirl- I have not ordered either one. If I were going to, I would just go to eBay. I'm going to be using individual needles at first.
  6. Does anyone prep the face with anything other than Hibiscrub? I notice it can't be purchased in the US - are there any alternate products that work as well? Can you just wash the face or is this too risky? Thanks people! I am FINALLY about ready to start treating my scars!!! You have all given me so much hope .
  7. Hey man, Yes, I would say my skin is more clear than it was before starting this regimen. I am very glad to have gone through with it. It has clarified to me what my skin's natural state is; in this regard, I can treat it accurately. I've decided that I'm going to try a mild cleanser or gentle manual exfoliation every week along with a BHA or AHA; the dead skin (and thus my complexion) is not going to improve by itself. I also need to start exercising again and see how that affects this regi
  8. Hey broseph, I've removed the mask three times now. First time after thirty days, the other two times after fourteen day intervals. It hasn't slowed down at all, really. I have certainly seen some positive results because of this regimen, but I'm not so certain it is the end all for me. I'm thinking about washing once a week instead of every two weeks... I'm also curious as to how exercise may affect my skin while on this regimen. I stated before that this regimen "worked" for me, but upon re
  9. Mine keeps coming back. It's very discouraging.
  10. I tried growing a moustache out for a while during this regimen, and I had the same problem with ingrown hairs and zits. That being said, I'm thankful for electric razors.
  11. Alcohol is far worse for your body, and smoking weed by itself probably won't make you break out. If you get the munchies and eat a ton of food, it isn't a direct effect of marijuana anyway; it's still your choice, because weed doesn't make you eat food. Still, inhaling smoke and "digesting" alcohol (alcohol isn't exactly digested, though your body must go through processes to get rid of it) are both unnatural and stressful on the body. There are so many other factors to consider that it's diff