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  1. Wrong forum maybe? bump anyway.
  2. My neck acne has come back, but but my back acne completely cleared and I have not had one spot since.
  3. Yeah so is it ok for me to take Vitamin E tablets whilst on Roaccutane (60 mg pd) Cheers for all replies.
  4. Ok so I have started useing this again, now when I used it before I came out in a fair few spots, but that was at the start of my Roaccutane treatment, so was it coinsidence (sp?) or is it the Cetraben causing outbreaks? Maybe i'm applying it to thick? HELP!
  5. How much would smoking effect my acne? I smoke around 10 a day so not much, would/does it make much of a difference?
  6. Wtf are you talking about?! I was on Roaccutane before and it completely cleared my skin but I just had to come off it to early, hense why it has come back, I havn't ignored anything you said and I don't like the way you are talking to me to be honest, I have tried many things over the last 5 or 6 years to rid my acne not just Roaccutane so saying I deserve it is out of order, everyone here should know how depressing acne can be and it is for me. I didn't expect to come here of all places and ge
  7. Sorry leeses i apologise. I'll just give you the simple short cut version because it's what everybody firsts learns on their journey to clear skin. Derms are lying to you because they want you to buy their drugs. There simply is nothing more to it than that. Now if you would like to enjoy the clear skin that I have here is my advice. Don't question just do it now. The answer is soluble fibre before meals. Either take significant dosages of pysillium husk or even better buy a product cal
  8. Oh god haha, how old are you? 12? fucking 'noob' that word still exsists? I thought I could come here without getting called a noob or being shouted at.
  9. I don't want to risk shaving really, just incase I do make them worse and I do have a couple bobbly spots, also I always come out in a fuck off rash on my neck when I shave but yeah it looks like the Roaccutane is working now, although there are marks as I say the majority are flat scars, so fingers crossed...it will be uphill from here!
  10. Yep, unfortunatly "gets worse before it gets better" so getting new ones so quick probably shows it's starting to work around your system, good luck on it!
  11. Here's a comparsion picture, with added stubble The one on the right I think is quite alot better, still scars but that's all most of them are..scars, far less red and inflamed, also the greasy look i've gone for is my cocoa butter (Y) http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/8001/acnecompjn1.png
  12. As I just said in another post, day 54 for me and i'm still getting one or two, not half as many as before, give it time, it will work.
  13. *is jealous* day 54 for me and I still have a few spots coming up, a few cysts to, a fair bit of scarring, but i'm happy for ya!