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  1. brundagebaby

    Frozen 2.5% Benzoyl

    I live in Idaho and have had my benzoyl delivered and left outside in the snow. I contacted the company and they said it was stable and would still be effective.
  2. brundagebaby

    Benzoyl Peroxide burn!!

    Sounds like you have developed a sensitvity to benzoyl. I think it is pretty common and sometimes people develop it after having used it successfully before. Plus I think strengths of benzoyl in different products can vary so you might just have to stick to another topical medication. Salicylic? Sulfur?
  3. IDK about giving up dairy. I tried that way back when with no luck. I had severe cystic acne around my jawline for about 2 years which became so painful I couldnt get a good night's sleep. I was a wreck and tried pretty much everything (aside from BCP) that you listed above. The worst was the prescription drugs. I know a lot of people have great results with them but the difference in my skin was minimal and the side effects were too many to bear. Here is what I have learned: lifestyle is super
  4. brundagebaby

    Help What can I do?

    Well I have been down the prescription route too. Roacutane is the worst and the sie effects I still feel after 3 years off of it. I was pretty nervous to ever start it on the first place because I heard it causes depression and all that. Plus all the other prescription stuff is evil too. Even the topical prescribed stuff caused such dryness I had a hard time keep my eyes open, they were so dry and scratchy. Tried R&F, Proactive, Mario B and then all the drug store stuff too. I thought Benzo
  5. brundagebaby

    Help with Acne

    i dont work for any company but i can tell you that after trying pretty much every product out there, including prescription and SUPER expensive R&F (just sayin'- it might work for some but prices are way too high for my budget) the only produt I haev gotten to work is called NInja Skincare. They are pretty ok priced, not like drug store stuff but way less than R&F and my experience with their customer service has been like no other company I have ever seen before. That is really what go
  6. brundagebaby

    oily and heavy

    oily and heavy

    I saw someone else write pretty much what I wanted to write too - very heavy and oily on my skin. I couldn't wait to get it off and ironically, that day I did get burned even while wearing it.  Came home and threw it in the trash. Total waste of money.
  7. brundagebaby



    I read a lot of reviews before buying this and was not impressed once I got it. my skin felt hydrated but after about a week of use, i noticed that my blackheads in my chin and around my nose were worse than ever and also started getting white hard bumps in my cheeks that I had to extract using a needle. I didn't use it much after that and didn't look back. Blackheads stopped getting so bad and the white things eventually stopped too.
  8. Worked as a teen but not as an adult and their customer service sucks!

    I tried this system in my teens when surprisingly, my acne wasn't actually all that bad. My skin, in retrospect was much clearer than it has been in my 30s. I thought it worked great at the time. I think I used it about 6 months then stopped, went to college and got on with life. Fast forward 15 years and my skin is worse than it ever was back then. I am a hispanic male, very oily skin and unfortunately scars are really noticeable and dark on my skin. I tried modifying my diet then just gav