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  1. Hey ruth, best thing to do is use BP as a topical instead of all over your face. It's important to know and understand that BP contains free radicals that have been directly linked to cancer. This is what they don't tell you.

  2. I hope your prom worked out ok for you and that you got your neck sorted out. One word of advice, cut down the AHA usage to one night a week, it is so drying and makes the face red with excessive use. keep bp well away from your neck always. Just use moisturiser after you cleanse your neck, i love oil of olay for sensitive skin, it works for me.
  3. it just takes a while for the dryness to stop, it will sort of suddenly stop one day while you're on the regimen. keep up the moisturizing, it pays off. not sure which cleansers to recommend since I live in Europe, in Ireland to be precise. I like to use something that has a lot of glycerin in it and no sodium laureth sulfate. Hope that helps.
  4. Have you deviated in any way to the regimen steps. Go back and read the list of steps and see if there's anything you are leaving out, you wouldn't be breaking out for no reason really, there must be something different that you are doing hich you may not even realise. As for AHA, I try to use this only once a week as it is quite drying, your skin really does not need this every day or night. One of the ways to keep your skin happy and balanced is to use the same ratio moisturizer to your amount
  5. I still use AHA but only about once a week to exfoliate, which is important too. I put it on in place of my moisturizer about one night a week.
  6. Are you using the AHA as a moisturizer? you said it has licorice and it makes your face red. When I was using AHA every night it made my skin so red and dry and stained my sheets yellow. So it rings a bell there. If I were you I would stop using that yellowing moisturizer everyday and instead only every now and then. I use oil of Olay for sensitive skin and it really works, it calms my skin and it's not too heavy, it has camomile in it and I think that's the key ingredient there. It's a cheap en
  7. The scrub could be too irritating and drying for your skin, I stay away from scrubs personally, they scratch your skin if they have those granules in them, a beauty therpaist once told me that we shouldn't even use tissue on our skin because under a microscope it can be seen that the tissue causes scratching, cotton wool is good to cleanse, stay away from face cloths also by the way, they are too harsh. Look for a moisturiser with camomile in it to soothe and calm your skin. The astringent could
  8. mine were stinging a bit at first with my new bottle of bp, but they don't really hurt anymore, maybe even my eyes have built up a tolerance level to the bp also, that kind of scares me to be honest. but if it doesn't go away after you continue to use it, I would stop using the bp and seek professional medical help.
  9. just read this and try to follow as closely to it as you can! http://www.acne.org/regimen.html Take it easy with the bp at the start, listen to Dan and start off small amounts then work it up. Do wait in between washing, bp and moisturiser, it definitely works to wait, wash your hands, get the bacteria off in between each app, and be really gentle when you wash or apply stuff on your skin. ..Slide and glide! Hope it all works out ok for you. (one more thing use enough moisturiser with the bp,
  10. Thanks for your advice :angel: , so you said I should just keep using it everyday and it will probably go back to normal. Are you sure the skin can't heal itself anymore while on prolonged use of bp, like if I ever wanted to stop using it would my skin not ever again be able to heal itself or would it just take a while to go back to normal functioning if I stopped bp? I like the way bp gets my skin clear but it does bug me how thin it makes my skin and how the spots take longer to heal. Sometim
  11. Can anyone please help me, ok this is what happened, I cleared up my acne using Dan's bp and it took about 3 months to get good results and I used to keep it up everyday, then sometimes I skipped a night here and there but my skin was fine, no problems then I started to skip some more because the new bottle I got with the new pump, the bp from that started stinging my eyes when I put it on, also my skin didn't look so good with the new bp in DAn's bottle, so it kind of put me off using it, then
  12. I'm on the regimen for about a year now... my skin looks better and feels softer than it has in years. I've suffered with acne since being a teenager and I wish I had known about this regimen earlier because I wouldn't have so many scars today if I had been on it. The key is to use plenty of moisturiser. The skin adjusts to the bp effects and becomes normal again after a few weeks of being on it. Start off slowly like Dan says and you'll be fine. Jojoba oil and AHA are very good I find for moist
  13. Yes, please Dan, please please please find a distributor or whatever so that we can have your wonderful products available here in Europe too. Or tell us how we can go about making the product here ourselves cos it's so expensive having it shipped from the US and with custom charges too, it puts us off wanting to order it. I live in Ireland and I would buy it from the UK if it was available there. And please please more people sign this petition so we can get Dan's attention. Thank you.