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  1. My derm gave me clindamycin and minocycline. He also gave me RETIN-A but I stopped using that because it actually have me cycts along the right side of my jaw, and I NEVER get cycts. After I stopped using the retin-a, I started using the clindamycin twice a day ... I was directed to use it only once a day with the retin-a before I go to bed (put the clindamycin on in the morning) ... but because I factored out the RETIN-A I thought I should use it twice a day. It has cleared my skin from that
  2. duac alone with minocycline worked well for me, until he put me on retin-a and retin-a completely wrecked my face. I stopped the retin-a and I think im just gonna stick with what I was doing before.
  3. Marijuana was really helped me with the emotional effects acne has. Sometime, I'd look in the mirror after a wash and get upset. Even though I have mild acne, whenever I was my face, my face looks 5x worse after the wash for some reason. After, I'll feel down. Fell like i'll never get clear. Then I'll go downstairs, roll up a joint, and play some call of duty or watch a movie and laugh my ass off and forget about it. Marijuana, alone, has even bettered my skin. Being stressed out all the time
  4. Minocycline 100mg - 1x a day Tretinoin Gel .025% - Before Bed Clindamycin 1% cream - Mornings I First started with just the Minocycline and Clindamycin ... my face cleared up pretty nicely. Let me just say I have mild to moderate acne. It took a few days for me to get the tretinoin gel because my doctor needed to call my insurance company to get it covered. When I started using the Tretinoin Gel, I broke out. Not bad, just about 3 pimples total. I looked up to see if Tretinoin gives an initial
  5. ty for the quick response, I'll definitely write these options down and bring them up.
  6. I'm finally going to see a doctor about my acne. Not a derm, however, the earliest I can see a derm is October and I'm not waiting that long. I'm just going to see my regular doctor. I have mild acne ... mostly white heads, black heads, and clogged pores that stick out at the surface that I usually gotta squeeze out and they pop right out or they fall out when I wash. It's not severe, just annoying. I get them mostly on my chin and my jaw line. I don't get anything period on my cheeks or under
  7. I couldn't get an appointment with a derm on my insurance until October, so I decided to see my regular doctor instead since she agreed to see me. She gave me Differin way back when I first started getting acne, didn't work though. I have mild acne ... I get black heads, white heads, non inflamed bumps, and Pustules. Also, I think I've gotten 1 cyst this year that was under my jaw, went away pretty quick though. The reason I'm seeing a a doctor is because I've had this since my freshman year i
  8. Probably hormones at your age. Get a derm that will take blood samples and will determine whats wrong. The only way to cure acne is from the inside. Try taking fish oil pills 1300mg 3x a day, along with a multivitamin and 50g zinc a day. Break the zinc pill in half. Take 25mg when you wake up and 25mg when you go to bed. Taking the entire 50mg can make you nauseous, but breaking it half I found helps. The zinc and fish oil are both anti inflammatories, also the fish oil helps fight off infection
  9. I'm from Philadelphia, PA Although I don't have sever acne, there's some great dermatologists in the area here that do just about everything. I'm not sure how far the drive would be, but look into it.
  10. I"ve stop using any chemicals, or washing my face at all. I get a shower in the morning, and then splash warm water on my face when I go to bed. I'm not putting anything on my face, not even a moisturizer. I've been using BPO and other chemicals for 5 years, if they're not doing anything why keep using them? I think I'm the cause of my breakouts. But, my face is really really dry and until it calms down, I was thinking I could put aloe vera on it? I don't have any pimples right now, just red ma
  11. My parents never had acne or pimples. They had completely clear skin throwout their lives. I guess you can say I'm the first. My aunt, however, my mom said she had sever acne when she was in her teenage years, but my face is not even close to how my aunts was, she said.
  12. Thank you, all information is appreciated and will not go unlooked. I'm gonna go look in my moms spice cabinet. She's a big cooker, and I wouldn't be surprised if she has the actual root or paste in there.
  13. I went about a week without doing anything. I broke out and thought it wasn't doing anything, so I put some more BP on and broke out more. I just washed my face with cold water. I didn't put anything on it. My face is so dry, it feels like leather. I don't have to go anywhere for a few days, I do have work on Thursday. I won't put anything on it, hopefully the dryness will calm down a bit. I'm gonna try this for a month, see how it goes. Can I put aloe on my face to sooth the dryness?
  14. How bad is my acne? Most of what's in that picture is just red marks of a bad breakout (worst in a while) I had about a week ago. I've had it since I was like 15, I just turned 20. I've basically used Dan's regimen since I first had it, but haven't used his products. I've tried Proactive, Acne Free, Salicylic acid, I've also tried doing nothing at all, thought I was the cause, and I still broke out just the same as if I did something. Also tried Differin. Never been to a derm, although I'm cont