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  1. No, there’s no reason I’m on such a high dosage. Kind of weird. I’m not on BCP, but I was planning on it when I get home. Every single strain I’ve tried though just makes me unbelievably nauseous.
  2. Retin-a makes my skin so damn pink. Going to try to only use it once a week from now on. 


    Skin looks okay okay right now besides the pink. My breakouts from the past couple days aren’t too noticeable anymore. Still need a bit more time for them to heal

    1. Hello friends! I’m in a pickle with my Spironolactone course and and wondering if anyone can relate to what I’m experiencing. So, I’m 9 weeks in to taking Spiro. My dermatologist started me off at 100mg for my first month and upped the dosage to 150mg so on and so forth. So my skin initially responded amazingly. I had absolutely no initial breakout and was pretty much clear just 5 weeks in. great! Amazing! So what’s the pickle? Well,