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  1. I’ve been struggling with mild cystic acne for almost 6 years now. Finally managed to decrease my breakouts by making drastic changes to my diet. No sugar. No Dairy. Junk food or processed foods. Only healthy foods like fruits. Beans. Whole grains. Water. Green tea. Etc. I feel stuck in life. I know there are a lot of deferent treatments for acne scars. But I feel hopeless. I’ve lost a lot of wight. I’m 67 kg. Because of my diet and stress. No work. No friends. Everything is fucked u
  2. Yeah it really sucks to try so much only to be disappointed. Some of the things you mentioned is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months, But I’ve seen huge changes. I still get pimples but not every day. However when I do get new pimples it’s because I’ve been violating what I am about to share with you. I recommend that you keep attention to everything you eat or the products that you use on your face. Some of those vitamins can actually be coursing you to brake out. I