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  1. I agree I have used the Pore Minimizer by linique for well over a year and a half and it doesnt cause breakouts, and it really does do a good job at filling in particularly ice pick/enlarged pores. But I find that patting it into the area rather than rubbing it on makes a big difference
  2. If you are definately seeing him privately there will be a charge, but you should be told about this before you go - when you get the letter confirming your appointment. If you dont get a letter I would ring his secretary and ask her. Its usually between £75 - 150
  3. Have used the eye cream since it was launched and its never broke me out. Love it.
  4. Hate to tell you this but Im 44 and have worn make up since I was 16. I do not feel normal without it and wouldnt be seen outside without it either. I hate it!! Does that make sense?!
  5. I am from the North of England and work in the NHS , never heard of Dr Dutta and I am surprised to hear that exoderm is done this far north to be honest.
  6. I use clinique pore minimiser and have been for 2 years. never broke me out and does a good job at filling in porse and small scars
  7. I use Max Factor Facefinity liquid foundation. brilliant, never breaks me out and last for a 12 hour shift at work, the down side is they have stopped making it. I still buy it on ebay
  8. I used to use the stay true for years but found it looked very heavy and when I was oily it seeped through leaving an uneven effect particularly when I popped on powder to hide the shine. I have just used a sample of thier new 'Pore minimiser' foundation and that seems very good. Has staying power, doesnt feel heavy and diminishes my scars, so may buy some of that.
  9. Can I say that I dab on Clinique Pore Minimizer befire my foundation and that does a great job of filling in large pores and ice picks. I found it after some one had recommended it on here and it works a treat but you mustnt rub it on, rather dot it into the areas that want filling in if you see what I mean.
  10. Hi I am also your age, and have had acne sine I was 12 Never had Roaccutane, but was on Erythromycin for years combined with every spot cream on the market. With no sucess. Then at about 21 went onto Dianette for about 9 years! It worked very well indeed but side effects meant I had to come off, then the acne sort of crept back in flare ups. However fingers crossed apart from a coulpe of small ones near to my period its very well nearly gone although I dont want to tempt fate. I felt that mine w
  11. I must say that exfoliation has done nothing in the past for my skin other than break me out, it seems to stimulate more oil production in me, not less.
  12. I have used Total Effects for a couple of years and love it, never broke me out. I've now moved on to the Olay Regenerist and thats even better
  13. Why dont you try going to the Prescrpitives cosmetic counter as they custom blend foundation colour for you
  14. Just wanted to say you can buy this at Clinique counters in the Uk as I bought some today to try after reading this thread. Only £12.99