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  1. jamie231

    23(M) Roaccutane Log

    Log: Day 78 It's been a long time since my last update. My skin has been very up and down. On day 55, my skin looked horrendous with lots of breakouts all over my forehead and chin. Most of these cleared up except a couple of very stubborn nodules on my forehead which have been there now for 4 weeks. I think they are finally in the healing phase. I increased my dosage 18 days ago to 60mg per day and I'm starting to have a little flare up from that increase. My skin currently looks quit
  2. jamie231

    23(M) Roaccutane Log

    Log 55- the IB Skin has really broken out over the last week. 4 Cysts on my chin. 5 cysts on my forehead, one extremely large and deep under the skin. Every day my skin looks worse. It's odd to get the IB so late in my course. Seeing the derm this week so hopefully he can advise. Haven't read much online about people breaking out well into their second month. Currently my skin is the worst it has been all throughout my course. Hopefully things will improve soon
  3. jamie231

    23(M) Roaccutane Log

    Log- Day 45 Skin looking ok. One or two cysts on my back and a few pimples on my forehead, but otherwise thinks are good Skin is weirdly oily since upping my dose but I have a feeling I'll dry up soon, like I did on 20mg. Hair is shedding a bit. Hope this doesn't get worse. Sometimes quite constipated. Dry eyes. Dry-ish skin on body. Otherwise it's really not too bad
  4. jamie231

    23(M) Roaccutane Log

    Thanks for the post ^^! Good luck to you- stay strong and remember that this will be over before you know it. Log Day 37. My skin nearly cleared up a few days ago, but then I had the most enormous nodule on my back and i also have a monster double-headed cyst next to my eyebrow at the top of my nose. I wear glasses and it's v painful atm lol but it's all part of the process. Hopefully things will clear again. So far the increase in dosage isn't particularly noticeable but the weath
  5. jamie231

    23(M) Roaccutane Log

    I'm on 20mg/day but about to increase to 40mg per day so I'm nervous about possible new side effects and another worsening of my skin. IB stands for initial breakout- when your skin gets worse during the first few months of accutane. It's common and to be expected but still horrible. Good luck to you! To update: Day 31- skin is not as good as last week. I have 2 new nodules- one above my temple and one on my back which is extremely large and painful. Knowing me, these will
  6. jamie231

    23(M) Roaccutane Log

    Another log (mainly for myself and to anyone who might be reading this). Currently on Day 22: Skin is a little better than last week. I'm still breaking out, particularly up the side of my forehead above my eyebrow on the right hand side. Some new cysts formed, though they seem to be coming to a head more quickly than before. My skin has more or less dried out now. At the end of the day my head and face are not as oily as before. Hopefully the IB won't continue for much longer
  7. Intro: I'm 23, male, acne for 10 years. It was severe when I was 13-15. Clear(ish) from 15-20. Then my acne changed from occasional moderate pimples to nearly constant cystic pimple across my forehead, chin and back. Previously used: ABs: doxy, erythromycin, oxytetracylcine, lymecylcine Topicals: Duac, Dalacin T, Epiduo (by far the best topical but just couldn't get me as clear as I would like). Roaccutane is very much a last resort for me, as my acne is not typical.