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  1. Healthy and shiny skin attracts every one and no body in this world denies this fact. 90% men and women are crazy about beauty. In this world, there are many people, which think that if women have beauty then she doesn?t need any other thing. Those days are passed away when men didn?t care about their skin and beauty but nowadays, it?s become very important for men to look good and take special care of his skin and body. In this growing world there is no need of lazy and lethargic people. As,
  2. Bad

    i thought this was my holy grail but unfortunately it clogged my pores. When i first started wearing it i was inlove because it looked amazing, controlled oil, and i even got a few compliments on my skin. I was using the matching concealer too. 
  3. recommend

    suitable for point applications. dries well. recommend
  4. average quality

    I did not really like it. skin shines, rolls down in a day (