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  1. I've been fighting acne for most of my life. I even went on Accutane and and did it for 6 months. I've been off accutane for 2 years now. After accutane my acne came back but currently it's gotten better. I now only have moderate acne, but I have acne scarring that I would like to get rid of. I think the accutane really changed my skin. My skin feels very weak and thin. Especially during the day my skin feels tight by the afternoon even though I apply lotion in the mornings. I also feel that my
  2. @superburrito Did you first go visit both doctors for a consultation or did you just go straight to them for treatment? Did you just know that you had a certain type of acne scar and that you needed a certain treatment or did a doctor tell you the type of scars you have? I saw the diagrams of the different acne scars and what treatments there are for each type but I'm still not 100% sure what type of acne scars I have and what type of treatment (microneedling RF, TCA cross, subcision or somethin
  3. Hey @superburrito thanks for posting your story! I read it and it was very insightful! I'm Asian too and am looking to do acne scar treatments. But how did you know to go to Dr Weiner for certain treatments and to go to Dr Rullan for other treatments? Did you first meet with a dermatologist who told you which doctor specializes in what type of treatment? Also, do you know who the best dermatologist in the bay area is, at getting rid of acne? I visited Dr. Andrea Hui a few months back because her
  4. For acne scars, microneedling RF, lasers, TCA cross would Jason Emer be good? Or is Dr Rullan still the best in CA when it comes to treating acne scars? Or should I just fly to a different acne scar doctor in a different state? I also have a little bit of stubborn acne I'm trying to get rid of before I pursue acne scar treatment.
  5. I have acne scars and was wondering if anyone knows who the best acne scar doctor is in California. I'm from the Bay Area, but I don't mind traveling to Southern California if the acne scar doctors are better there. I'm thinking of doing infini RF for my scars. I have slight indents from acne scars. Who is the best at microneedling RF in California? Thanks!