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  1. Tersaseptic http://www.stiefel.ca/en/about_skin/tersaseptic.html Which can be used on the face, chest and on your hair as a shampoo. Spectro Jel left my skin feeling greasy and seemed to aggravate acne.
  2. I'm on my second-course of Accutane, at 40 mgs/day 14 days into it. I never had an initial breakout per se, but I've noticed that the skin on my forehead is looking "sandpaperish" for lack of a better term; It doesn't look dry, the skin looks very uneven with holes or visible pores. I'm wondering if it isn't some sort of a cluster of whiteheads. I don't remember this happening the first time around, does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  3. I've been on 0.1% Tazorac cream for about a month now with instructions to use it every other night for a month then use it every night. I can barely use it once every 3 nights because the scaling/dryness is just embarrassing. Half the time I look like I have some strange disease because there are chunks of dry white flakes on my chin and cheeks just waiting to fall off like snow. Someone at work even rubbed one of my cheeks and offered some moisturizer
  4. Basically, my derm (Who happens to also happens to be a professor of dermatology) told me that since I'm a male over the age of 20 (I'm 24) that odds are, acne will more or less be a lifelong problem for me, and that if it would end, it would happen at around age 45 (andropause) Have you been told something similar? It's not the end of my world or something, I just shudder of the thought of using creams and assorted meds until age 45 or over (Yes, I've been on Accutane)
  5. The "stones" resulting from "liver flushes" are actually hardened faecal matter. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyone considering "liver flushes" might be interested in some further reading on Hulda Clark: Hulda Clark
  6. Hogwash, frequent ejaculation does not cause acne. Acne was considered a telltale 'symptom' of a masturbator in the 19th and early 20th century. The notion that sexual activity causes acne has long since been discredited by science.
  7. Zinc gluconate has been found to have moderate results on uncomplicated, minor acne. In one study, more people had improved on tetracycline (and the improvement was more substantial) than the group on zinc by a fairly wide margin. Taking zinc supplements can induce a copper deficiency. Talk to your doctor before you do this. If I were you, I'd ask him/her about the possibility of tetracycline, it's not much more expensive than zinc supplements, it might actually be cheaper (It has been off paten
  8. I've been on tetracycline, minocycline and Accutane. I'm currently on tetracycline again (No longer a suitable candidate for Accutane therapy due to a health condition) It's been about 5 weeks now, some moderate improvement, I wish I could remember what my results were like the first time around but that was ages ago. The only drawback with tetracycline for me is the fact that its absorption and bioavailability is affected by food (esp. dairy) and other meds. So I have to schedule my meals and m
  9. I would certainly get in contact with an M.D. before ingesting that much vitamin A. I don't remember how much vitamin A needs to be ingested for hypervitaminosis A to occur, but even if it doesn't, people who take above ?? I.U's of Vitamin A for periods of time are at serious risk for liver problems down the road. The usual disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, pharmacist, health care provider, shaman, or faith-healer, or what have you. This is just a layman's opinion.
  10. CAVEAT: I am not a doctor, a pharmacist, or a health care provider. This isn't medical advice, merely a layman's opinion. I've tried pantothenic acid twice now, two different brands, same results each time (Which is to say none) I ignored the rational thoughts telling me it was a quackery out of desperation (I've had acne for far too long) I'm not sure why everyone orders it off the net because I had no problem finding at the nearest pharmacy (I live in Ontario, Canada) It's been said earlier n