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  1. aww, deadbeat007 you don't need to worry about it accutane makes you super sensitive to everything, once your off it you'll probably go back to normal with ur flare ups. I can say that now i have my redness under control for some reason it kinda went away, BUT on accutane i started to get red easily. my derm says my skin is so dry and sensitive it reacts to weathering. Like if i step outside i get windburn easily or sunburns if im out more than 5 or 10 mins without sunscreen hah. sucks but tomo
  2. I'm sorry but I have to "lol" at this post. if your depression was this bad, why not stop the drug right away if it's so horrible? another route would be seeing a psychiatrist IF you wanted to stay on the drug during your treatment, and now without looking back at that experience you had, i'm sure you'd say it was worth it if your skin is now clear and life seems much brighter then it was pre-accutane. Another thing to clear up, my uncle is a very knowledgeable and popular dermatologist who h
  3. hey guys ive been on accutane almost 3 months... will be 3 months this friday! so i had a question... i believe that accutane makes me VERY sun sensitive, such that if I go out in the sun for more than 15 mins, even with SPF 40 on I get a lil burnt. The weird thing is the nights i get burnt I flush that evening... but the nights i'm not burnt its fine. but another thing is, this might be because i need to use sunscreen on my ears too, is that my ears seem to be flushing! its the weirdest th
  4. Anyone who suffers from blackheads, whiteheads, or even inflammatory acne should really try this retinoid. I was perscribed it about 10 1/2 weeks ago, I remember then I was very skeptic. As weeks went by, my acne worsened, as did my confidence and faith that this was going to work, however, in about the 9th week, something started to change, and my acne was actually looking better than when I started it, I think that was the changing point for me. Now as I'm on week 10 1/2 I still have a few
  5. thanks for your post sushi! actually right now my skin is way better... all the acne is gone im just getting these huge zits. only a couple tho and everything else (besides the red marks) looks great. how clear are u now is my question... and how often do you get zits?
  6. so im considering if my current treatment doesn't work, going on accutane. but i have a few questions that i want unbiased answers (my derm would be too biased towards the accutane) so i was wondering if: Lets say my blood pressure raises, my liver becomes damaged, and tryglycerides etc go up in my body, wouldn't working out, eating healthy, and detoxing fix all these problems for good... also i have very stubborn mild acne that sometimes turns to moderate and have had the occasional cyst an
  7. So I just switched my derm about 5 weeks ago, and I think that it was a great decision. He is ranked as the top in Arizona, and I think he really knows what he's talking about. So far he has prescribed me: Retin-a Micro .1 perecent as well as doxycycline 150 mg. at my last visit I was prescribed Salex immediately after telling him my keratosis pilaris problem. This stuff seems to really be working... after one application I'd say 40% has gone away... anyone with KP try this expensive but great
  8. no. this particular one is actually going down. and im glad... im relieved that im not getting cystic acne, because it would make it much more difficult to cure. And that is big compared to the rest of the zits I have gotten. It seems that Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid is curing the rest of my zits well.
  9. ok so in the past year, I have been getting 3 of these bigger zits, under the skin and painful. they are not HUGE, but they're bigger than the average zit. I would describe them as the size of a pencil eraser. However, it seems that the second one I've gotten has shrunk in about a week... and the first one went away after a long time but caused no scarring and has never resurfaced (from about 4 months ago). I was praying that I'm not having cysts at all, but rather big inflamed normal zits. Also
  10. update: got paula's choice 2% SA liquid. second night and already improving greatly. although it does feel very oily. it feels like i dipped a cotton ball in grease lol. oh well, whatever works. its done well so far, i'll keep u updated.
  11. Hello. I've been on Differin, using duac currently only once daily. Well, I've used many over the counter treatments as well- proactiv, acnefree, etc. even thought I don't have bad acne. There still hasn't been a day where I wake up without 1 or 2 zits on my face in over 2 years... My point being that recently I have been trying a 2% Clearasil Cleanser. It seemed to be good and I still really think its working. It's amazing if it will. I've been using it twice a day and it's brought many deep
  12. any other replies from anyone's experience with duac would be very helpful thanks