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  1. Hello again! Almost a month off accutane and its amazing. I got a light microdermabrason treatment and except for the natural discoloration from the acne and a few light scars...nothing left. Its so nice to kiss someone and have them touch your face while you are kissing and not be self conscious. One more microdermabrasion treatment and im done!! No more dry skin, no more nothing...accutane is amazing!!!!
  2. hello again! well i am not going to bother with how many days ive been on it...its a lot. My treatment is over at the end of this month!!! I have had clear skin for about a month. Until school got out about 3 weeks ago. now i eat out with my friends and all the stuff i shouldnt do and i had 3 come up over the last 3 weeks. So thats a sign...and im quitting all that. No lumps AT ALL under my skin...anywhere. My doc says the accutane is making my face very red and the scars arent going to be this
  3. Day 107 Well what can i say...i had two little bumps come up randomly (due to stress i guess). They arent a problem at all. My face has ZERO lumps under it. It may look red...but no acne under the skin!! Def. gonna take pics tomorrow...i have to stay home all day due to not having school and having to watch the dog so ill be playing Omerta and here all day
  4. Thanks for posting in my log! It really means a lot to get a compliment from a girl as pretty as you
  5. Thanks man! Happiness is definitely a new thing to me. I'm so glad your skin is getting better man! Thanks raina! I know and everyday its better...i love it. Day 102 TRIP DIGITS!! haha well my skin is just getting progressively better...i have my last soccer match tonight ever! :( im so sad...but happy because now i can heal and be well rested. School is coming to a close...all my finals and whatnot are soon im surprised im not breaking out from stress. No actives on my face...just red
  6. Thanks Loelle! ...boy this place really died.
  7. Congrats Loelle! Please keep posting...if for no other reason than me! I am almost scared to quit...scared when i do my acne will return. Id rather take it for 7 months and know it will never come back than get off too soon. Again...congrats on your success thus far and best wishes for the improvement ahead.
  8. Day 98 All good news. Face is consistently improving...actually got complimented twice today. My girl really likes me and school is almost over. For once...i can truly say...im happy
  9. Hi greg! As for your acne clearing up already...i can almost say for sure this isnt the end of your acne. It almost always gets worse for most. But trust me...its worth everything you go through. As for your worries of depression...if you tell yourself you are going to get depressed...you will. Your mind controls your body...just learn to not pity yourself. Remember people have it a zillion times worse than you...and that you really have no right to b depressed. But goodluck! Ill try and keep
  10. Yo man! How are ya? Just checking in...stick with it...it took me a lot longer than most to see results but i can attest to the fact that it is wellllll worth it brah! btw i like your quote in your sig :-p
  11. Hey whats up brah. Just wanted to give you a piece of advice...for avoiding those nose-bleeds heres a few tips: 1. Don't sleep with your fan on 2. Don't pick your nose as soon as you wake up or during the night. Wait until after your shower to blow/pick it 3. Use nasal spray 2-3 times twice before you go to bed Trust me...i had to deal with them and this is the way to prevent them. Anyways...good luck with your tane...its a long journey...but its worth every pill!
  12. Best of luck! The journey is long...but in the end it's worth every single pill.
  13. ZOMG IM BACK!! Day 96 HI GUYS! haha been a while but im back. The days really fly when you dont post everyday...as much as i hated it. Just finished month three and got refilled for month four. The doctor saw my progress and said it was so good he was only gonna make me go for 5 months on tane. I had a minor breakout about a week ago and have only had one little new bump over the last week. This is amazing...im doing things i never thought id do. Prom...now that was fun. Waffle house after pro
  14. Quick update: My life has been so hectic its unreal. I beleive this has caused my current problem: a minor breakout. I am so worried this isnt going to work even though i only have about 4 actives on my whole face...ive been getting like a new one every morning...when will they stop!! I just want to get it overrrr with! Sorry for not posting lately...when things cool down ill get pics and all kinds of uber stuff.