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  1. Chelly123

    Darkening Of The Skin

    What happened after using aha?i am experiencing it tooo
  2. Chelly123

    Make up remover

    I asked dan about removing make up because i dont know too.but here is the link he sent me that would help me. https://www.acne.org/makeup-acne.html
  3. Chelly123

    Red, itchy, bumpy rash on face

    What are the activities you do before the rash comes?it is one of the factors why there is rash on your face
  4. Chelly123

    Allergic Reactions - What to do?

    You have to have dedication for this regimen to work.if it is not that red maybe yourface is getting or adjusting to it.but if it hurts i guess you ahve to stop
  5. 3 weeks only and then you gave up.you really need dedication in this regimen.it is said that it will work but not fast.it was also said that the first month it is the worst because all of the pimples with break out.but if it hurts i guess you should stop and find another skin care routine. If your gonna have skin care routine.i have gone to a dermatollogist and she gave me brands taht are different from each other so i was skeptical and threw it away.i suggest you should use one brand only
  6. Chelly123


    Uhmmmm what is sa??
  7. It is my first time using the regimen. I know i have to use the benzoyl 1x on first week.but do i use it in the mornjng or nights only.i hope someone answers asap