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  1. I'm sorry if I offended anyone -- what I'm telling you has been true for me. My healing did not happen overnight with raw food. It happened through a course of several years when I turned vegan and then the last 10 months, when I turned to raw food. The raw food diet simply sped the process. I am still healing. It was not my imagination that my scars raised up. It did! But you must be patient and hopeful like was. I still have pock marks on my face -- I wish it went away. But seriously noboby se
  2. Vexed you are right -- I have not posted in a long time in this forum and what I have said before may have contradicted what I'm saying now about external treatsments and all. But what I'm saying, at this point in time, comes from an accumulated knowledge of my past and what I've learned as a whole today. If I had to do it over again knowing what I know now -- I would skip all external treatments and let my body heal itself through the raw food diet. Yes I went through an evolution of trying ou
  3. The beauty about the "Raw Food Diet" is that you don't need to know about nutrition!! You don't have to worry about getting all the essential vitamins, protein, fat, etc. All you need to do is eat 100% raw. That's it. You will get all you need. If you eat raw and mix it with cooked food, then this regimen won't work because you are still mixing toxic food in your body. My point is, is that cooked food is in itself very bad for you. I know alot of people will get mad at this but the fact is is th
  4. Hey pip123, good to hear that you are raw too! Interesting. Anyway I don't use any kind of cosmetic products -- including soap!! Only in the shower, my natural shampoo will wash my face. I don't even take vitamins cause the food I eat will take care of that. I stopped taking Avage and stopped doing peels because our skin naturally sheds over a period of time and the natural way always looks best. I've learned this over the years. A raw food diet will also give you a constant glow. I'm telling yo
  5. Pls look at the left side of my face- there are scars!!! lots of them. It's just that my skin looks very healthy from the diet that I'm eating that people don't notice it. I'm telling you that external remedies don't really work -- and if they do they only work for a short term. Ask any long term scar sufferers here and they will tell you the same thing -- it's very difficult to fix a scar.
  6. Guys n Gals. I used to lurk here a couple of years ago trying different methods to fix my acne scars. I had hundreds of pore-type scars from very bad acne. Here's what I tried, 1. Peels - useless (only good for even pigmentation, even that could be tricky) 1. Tretinoin - about 20% improvement over a long period of time (I did it consistently for two years) 2. Laser - useless and dangerous for my skin type (Type IV). Didn't do a damn thing. 3. Needling - useless (will make you look like pizza
  7. guys and girls want the same thing -- but the approach or the method for both sexes differ greatly.. the challenge for a guy is to think like a girl.. see where she's coming from -- 'put yourself in her shoes' -- her world, though beautfil in your eyes, may not be as beautiful for her, so any thoughts you may have about her could be false.. on the other hand she may be dreaming up things about you which may not true.. so you see it works both ways -- dis-illusion always puts it's face foward --
  8. lowfreq

    P. Diddy

    ricky martin has scarring?? anyway i think the worse out of that bunch has to be bill murray - now his scars are very obvious on film. brad pitt's scars look sexy on film because his skin looks very healthy.. i haven't seen mr and ms smith..
  9. lowfreq

    P. Diddy

    that's not perfect skin -- I've seen skin that's smoother, clearer, brighter and more organized. I see small warts and ingrown hair in his face -- an abnormal condition usually associated with eating fatty foods (trans fat) and meat.
  10. Hey Sword.. you don't have rosacea.. I looked at pictures of people who have that and urs doesn't even come close to it -- you look healthy! I know the redness bothers you but keep in mind our bodies are intelligent and has the ability to heal and renew itself over time but it will require alot of your patience and importantly a trust between you and your body. Therefore take this opportunity to do things that will help with your overall skin health (healthy diet, excersise, etc.) and you may b
  11. Dermbrasion and laser technology works well only for skin types I and II or very dark skinned people (Type VI). You guys took a big risk with dermabrasion..
  12. man.. i feel for you sword and kipster.. I also have hypopigmented areas in my face from scrubbing with a harsh cloth when I was younger.. 23 years later I still have the pale areas.. it just makes the overall look of my face less organized and thus less attractive.. I think hypopigmentation is worse than having scars..
  13. I once tried to be my own chemist and took a cockfull of vitamins thinking I can save more money than taking one multivitamin.. I ended up having severe dry skin!!
  14. I actually like the taste of TOKI. I drink it with 8 fl oz. of bottle water. Another thing I noticed is that my eyes are getting a little bigger and clearer (whiter). Have you noticed that Faye?
  15. hey guys. i bought toki about two weeks ago from the same dealer. anyway i've been drinking this stuff religously 3x a day. this stuff works! the only way i can explain how toki works for me is that it's making my skin even and plump! and it's true about the hands and feet, actually the whole body and how it changes the tone to a nice rosy color. it's only two weeks so i haven't felt the 45 effect yet.. i am excited.. will keep u posted.