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  1. I beg to differ, YOU totally rule :)

    1. You totally rule

      1. hey, do u still pop by now and again lol?

        1. Happy birthday my fave lil' penguin slapper. *wub*

          1. Poe

            Poe Inc.

            tis me
          2. ^ Yeah, if I had acne there, I wouldn't mind.. When I was preggy w/ my son, I had to go to the OB/Gyn every couple of weeks, then when I ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks, they checked me everyday..
          3. I think he's just pointing out what acne does to one's social life. How it made him want to avoid his friends cuz he didn't want them to see his face like that.. if not for acne, he would've turned around right away and been happy to see his friends. I've done that many times and I HATED doing it.. acne is def a confidence killer.
          4. Right between the eyes, on the bridge of your nose.
          5. LeafsFan, yes my skin tone is normal again.. Around the 2 month period was when it noticably started returning back to normal.. Hang in there, the pinkness will eventually fade.. Hiya Kiki, thanks for the compliment! I am definitely happier since I had the derma. I'm sorry your improvement waned.. hopefully, we'll get the collagen boost soon though. Yes, I've got a lot of posts!! I'm trying not to spend too much time here on the boards but it's addicting! lol
          6. Hi all, It's been 4 1/2 months since I had dermabrasion.. The improvement is still good.. although it has lowered some. Before(about 7 wks post-op), I estimated it to be 70-80 %.. now, I'm thinking around 40-50%.. it's still good and I'm still happy, no regrets.. I didn't get punch-floats like many of you are getting or have gotten although I would definitely get it done if I get another derma done. I think another derma would make me really happy like Leafsfan was saying cuz this has
          7. Yes, it would be nice to be like Wolverine.
          8. I use Dove a couple of times a week during the winter cuz it helps moisterizes my dry skin.. I only use it on my face though.. What I use for my body is Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub which contains 2% Salicylic Acid.. It's helped a lot so far.. my back is pretty much clear and smooth now so I'm happy. Neutrogena Body Scrub
          9. You should be fine. What I used for my lips whilst on Accutane was Aquaphor. It seriously kept my lips moist for hours. There's probably gonna be an initial breakout so just try to stay in as much as possible during that time... It's best to go out and do things that you normally would do as if you had clear skin though.. I really don't like recommending for ppl to "hide" from the world.. but since you're worried, just try to stay in during that time... Accutane seriously is a miracle drug,
          10. Congratulations Nick, that's awesome news! Hope you have a great time.