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  1. No they are both widespread and individual.
  2. If it's not acne what is it then?
  3. Uhm ok just don't get why it's red
  4. I'm sort of jelaous at my cousins alltough they have acne but not as severe as mine. I look better many sais, but it's useless when you have acne.
  5. I dont' really want their apologize even if that's the wright thing cause people who make fun of others are just rude. I can think as longest I want to it's none of there business.
  6. I took accutane 3 years ago. I'm still red so I have been taking Diane for 6 months now. Is that good cause my derm sais I shouldn't take accutane cause I don't have any new acne. SO did he put me on DIane. WHat's the difference?
  7. Hi I'm new her! I'm very red on my face alltough I have stopped using accutane for 3 years now. I want to take it again but my derm sais that I shouldn't take it cause I don't have any new acne.