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  1. I would suggest going to your dermatologist to get a cortisone shot. It will make cyst go down with 24 hours.
  2. I did RF micro-needling late last year. I did 3 sessions 6 weeks apart. Maybe some improvements but its hard to tell because I didn't take any before pictures in proper lighting.
  3. Unfortunately, I didn't take any quality pics with similar lighting before receiving any treatments. It's hard to compare before and after with different lighting. Thanks for the suggestion. I plan to get several sessions of Cross and then I plan to go back to RF microneedling.
  4. Background: Asian male I suffered severe cystic acne when I was in college. My acne is pretty much under control now after several rounds of accutane. Previous Treatments (not much improvement): Ablative Co2 laser resurfacing Infini RF Microneedling x3 Venus Viva x2 Bellafill + subcision x2 I am thinking of trying TCA cross with Dr. Rullan. What are some other treatment options for my scar type? Here is my left cheek Here is