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  1. I just recently bought the almay clear complexion pressed powder but didnt realize it has .6% of salicylic acid. I'm on prescription tretenoin cream right now and have not used any other acne medication besides that since my skin is sensitive and tends to irritate easy. Do u think it's ok to use this makeup during the day and wash off and put tretenoin at night?? Has anyone used both these products?
  2. I use to be like that. I slept in makeup honestly almost everyday, eat junk food, drink soda and alcohol and smoke cigarettes. My acne was never half as bad as it is now that I've eliminated certain things in my diet and I eat healthier than most (vegetarian). I know this post was made 3 months ago but I may do this now as I'm sick of the hard work and no payout.
  3. Does anyone know how to get rid of boils plz I thought what I had was a cyst but it's looking more like a boil.
  4. Can someone please tell how to get rid of these awful cysts on my face because I've just about had enough of this shit. The dermatologists are not f****** helping me and I have all these stupid prescriptions that dont wont in my cabinet that I just want to set on fire. Doxycycline, minocycline, bactrim all this sh** messed up my stomach I have no dairy and am a vegetarian I'm 30 years old and I'm on birth control seeing no improvements and I'm feeling too old to be dealing
  5. May I ask what's your diet like? So far I have cut dairy but I see little difference
  6. I'm a long time sufferer of cystic acne (got my first cyst at age 20). I would get it mainly around the time of my period so I figured it was hormonal and was on and off old with birth control for years (pill, depo shot, IUD etc)with little to no help. So that being said, for the last 5 months I've been getting these HORRIFIC AND CRIPPLING cyst like deep under the skin "pimples" that go from 0-100 within days that look inflamed and infected. The dermatologists put me on doxycycline (on and off f