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  1. Thanks guys. I read through to remind my self what I was going through. I have no one but my self to blame! You all had some nice encouraging words, and I still appreciate that after 2 years has past.
  2. Dear Everyone. I just wanted to share you guys what I have found out about acne. I still get a few flare ups, but this is NOTHING compared to what I looked like before. I think you can still find some of my postings that I had in 2008, where I complained about how horrible I looked. Anyway, this is what I had to go through. (skip through if you want to see the causes) 14 yrs old - 20 Mild acne, sometimes really bad, but never got to the point where I was stared at 20 yrs old (Aug. 2
  3. Like my skin, your skin is probably REALLY sensitive. My skin is red all over (especially the chin area) but I have but 8 real acne on my face... it's annoying. Also, when I do get a cyst, I ALWAYS get a long lasting red mark on my face.. that really Sucks. The thing I realize lately is, my skin gets better with a moderate diet (like not going to extremes on eating junk) and washing my face with face was with sensative skin. (i use L'Octtacine? A french brand) Well, it's not like it's gett
  4. I like L'Occitane I started to use the one for sensitive skin... so far I just used it for the day but the redness on my face is down.
  5. I was just looking at a picture that I took last summer. I had FLAWLESS skin.. well at least compared to now. People asked me out, stared at me... but now... it's all changed Suddenly my skin got VERY bad. I have acne EVERYWHERE on my face. I have hyperpigmentation all over my face and I have these small acne all over my face... I have open sores on my face. It's just a mess. I don't know.. I hate my self.. I don't like how people treat me in stores now when they see my face. how they sor
  6. Wow!! you should be featured on this website! This is a wonderful progress! horray!
  7. I have the same problem. I am not sure what it is but I think it's small proteins in the skin. They are all over my face. You can't see them unless you shed light on my face at an angle. sucks doesn't it? I am starting to use B5. I think it might help. Good luck!
  8. I am doing the same thing too!!! I am happy to have found you!! Well, I thought about how people in like the 1800's must have used only water, and they probably had better skin than me!! I used warm water today (because I started today) and I put some Gentacin (it's like a bacteria killer that I got from over seas) and I used moisturizer afterwards. After washing my face I usualy get really RED and my skin looks very dry, but I didn't have that today and it looked all right. The thing is,