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    Almost 3 Months, Extreme Dryness

    Hi everyone! I am on month three of the regimen as well and im having issues. my skin has cleared from breakouts tremendously but i find that the skin around my mouth and chin is extremely discolored. it is darker than the skin on my forehead, nose and cheeks. im not sure how to make this better but it really is bothering me. My routine: Morning 1. Cleanse w/ acne.org cleanser 2. Apply hyaluronic acid serum to increase moisture 3. apply acne.org BP 4. Apply acne.org
  2. Hi all! This week ends my second month on the Acne.org regimen and I will begin my third month next week. Since I've started the regimen my acne has cleared and so has some of the dark spots that I had previously. I apply the BP on my cheeks and chin primarily. I have noticed since I've been using this regimen that the area around my mouth and my chin have become very dark. My cheeks have not formed any discoloration at all since using the regimen. Is there any advice on how to prevent
  3. Hi everyone! Im still on week 1 of the acne.org treatment but i feel as though I’m having an allergic reaction. My skin is red, feels very tight, itchy and the red areas look similar to a rash. I don’t over use any of the products. I wash twice a day, apply the BP once in the morning and then moisturize after each wash/treatment. Am i having an allergic reaction? Should i use less BP? Should i discontinue using BP for some time? Help please