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  1. Since it is based on one part of your face, I think you are probably reacting to a food you are eating
  2. You might have a bacterial infection like staph Go to a dorm and have them run a test Otherwise diluted tea tree oil, zinc, seem to help cysts
  3. You can cure persistent inflammatory acne through diet
  4. Benzoyl peroxide alone can only do so much Often the reason we have persistent, inflammatory acne is because of an internal reaction I believe that certain foods exacerbate this reaction
  5. If you're breaking out in the same spots it could be a food intolerance
  6. With acne, I find simpler is almost always better Start simple, then slowly add more diverse foods like chia seeds and see how your body reacts
  7. Unfortunately if you really want to do this quickly you should do an elimination diet, see my signature Beef and salt only for a few days, observe is inflammation is going down, then introduce foods each day
  8. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this Please know you can control your acne by determining what foods are safe for you to eat
  9. Eczema and acne is a clear sign that you have a food intolerance
  10. Yes it's definitely possible If it is persistent (over a long period of time) and cystic it is probably a food intolerance
  11. The thing to remember is that all of these foods are person specific, so it will vary. For me, sweet potatoes and asparagus don't really cause issues. Broccoli is probably okay too for me. I'm sure there are others but I haven't tested yet I don't think you need to completely cut out fruits, just determine which ones are safe for you. Citrus fruits cause issues for some people but not really for me. Bananas and strawberries I suspect cause breakouts for me for some reason. Coffee
  12. Gaining on an acne free diet is definitely hard, you'll most likely have to eat repetitively Meat is definitely safe Fish is probably safe White rice is usually not too bad for people Sweet potatoes are usually safe Olive oil A lot of times dairy is not as bad as people think, but depends on the person
  13. Exactly, people can have intolerances to even the "healthiest" foods Brown rice may be worse for people with acne because it includes the whole grain, therefore has more potential protein triggers