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  1. Absolutely critical to identifying the diet/lifestyle connection with acne
  2. Any plant food could or could not be causing a reaction within you However it's not so much the carbs as basic intolerances you have The only way to see which foods you are reacting to is an elimination diet
  3. I'm so sorry you have been dealing with this Red_skies If you want ideas about how you can naturally clear your skin please let me know In the mean time you only live once, so try to live your best life with or without acne
  4. Your skin looks really good actually If you really want to clear those small bumps, some intermittent fasting/beef only diets will help clear these issues as they are probably just small food intolerances
  5. You can clear your acne on a beef only diet for a week or two
  6. Congrats on clearing your skin All of these reasons are why lion diet/elimination diet works so well in clearing acne
  7. Yes!! People do not realize how much what we eat affects our RNA expression, inflammation, and cognition! She was truly ahead of her time.
  8. Don't use BP for a week and consider an elimination style diet, could clear your skin more effectively anyway
  9. What shampoo/headwash do you use? Head and shoulders is good because it contains zinc which is anti-inflammatory especially for acne
  10. Liquid diet is useless However and elimination style diet will allow you to see which specific foods are causing an inflammatory reaction
  11. Food intolerance is causing a local dermatological reaction on your chest Elimination diet would solve this quickly
  12. Elimination diet will cure you without having to deal with the effects of accutane
  13. Hey there I hope you're doing okay! Your skin looks like it is irritated below the surface, I think you are dealing with a hormonal/food intolerance issue Often it is just a few different foods causing our skin inflammation An elimination style diet/carnivore diet usually clears everything within a couple of weeks
  14. There is only so much topicals can do, and often the problem with chronic, persistent acne is with diet
  15. Hey Mikey, It's really difficult to figure out what exactly causes breakouts. For me I realized eggs, legumes, certain fruits contribute to my acne. The easiest way to tell is by going with a minimal diet, then slowly adding foods back to see which cause issues for you. [Removed promotional content] Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions!