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  1. Does anyone know if there are any interactions between 20% salicylic acid peels and fluexotine (Prozac)? I have just started taking it and would like to gather any knowledge or experiences. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for your comments! I’m very pleased too, glad it’s working for you. The latest photos. I’m so happy with results I will stop updating now. I have been using sulphur soap, and effacler duo, both of which are amazing!!! I just mostly have red marks now. I have been doing the odd Salicylic acid peel too.
  3. MillerMiles


    I think you need to see a doctor to get it cleaned out properly and stitched up, as you could risk serious infection otherwise. Good luck.
    • I’m really pleased with progress so far with sulphur soap and I have been using effaclar duo which I am Impressed with. I am still doing the salicylic acid peels every 10 days now. I really hope and pray that this continues. In the photos I now have mostly red marks that will hopefully clear up. Fingers crossed.
    • Two days after 4th peel I’m really fed up of using hibi scrub, just simply because of how careful I have to be using it, not getting it in my eyes ears or nose. Also I can’t moisturise whilst using it. if I had seen I massive difference with it then maybe I would persevere but I think I am now going to switch to a sulphur soap which has great reviews on Amazon instead and moisturise with a product I have used for years from eurecin that contains lactic acid. Wish me luck.
    • It came back after 6 months of using it which is why I stopped as I had become resistant to it. It came back just the same as before, not any worse. What haven’t I done about it is the question haha, I’m still suffering with acne and have tried nearly everything. Good luck.
    • Hi I was on erythromycin for about 6 months about 9 years ago. It cleared me up incredibly, I honestly didn’t have a single spot for 6 months. However, sadly the acne started to come back after 6 months-I had become resistant to the antibiotics. Wishing you the best of luck.
    • Day after the 3rd peel I’m still breaking out on the right side of my face, the left side (apart from red marks) is now clear. This may be a fluke though, although I will continue to persist with the treatment! A lot of the blackheads and blocked pores that came to the surface after the first peel now seem to have gone. I have also included a photo of my left more clear side this time.
    • 16th January update after 2nd peel (used 20% on most areas and 10% on sensitive areas around mouth and chin) skin instantly smoother and redness and swelling of any spots reduced. I’m really happy with the progress so far, although the photos may not show this yet, I have definitely had less angry breakouts. The spots in this photo are more like blocked pores and blackheads, which I think may be being exposed by the peels as I expected a minor clearing out/breakout. Fingers crossed
    • Update 8th January 2019 I have definitely had some improvement with the hibi scrub. I did the first 20% salicylic peel last night. My skin reddened a bit (as can be seen still a little in the photos) but it’s calmer today and my skin feels much smoother. Only time will tell what happens in the long run!
    • I have the acne.org Aha, I use it on my shoulders and back and it helps to exfoliate that area and keep it clear. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my face, I tried it there and it just irritated me and didn’t help to prevent spots at all. It seems to improve cell turnover from recent acne, and improves healing time, but I’m not sure about established red marks though. Good luck. Sorry I forgot to say, if you are wanting to use an AHA I would recommend this one as it in non comedogenic
    • Hello all I am a “new” user but I actually was part of this community around 10 years ago-I just can’t find my old log in! A bit about my acne history. I’m am currently 28 and I have suffered with acne on and off since the teenage years. I have had periods of being clear naturally and for no apparent reason but now my acne is now back starting around a year ago although I hadn’t changed my routine in anyway. I would describe my acne as mild, however, I do sometimes step over into moderate I