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  1. Depends on the person. For some it returns in a couple weeks, for others (like my sister) it got rid of their acne permanently.
  2. I'm on accutane too and my redmarks were very close to yours, maybe a bit less. I started using Aloe Vera Gel about a week or two ago and I've seen a pretty nice improvement. I don't even use any additional moisturizer, although you might have to.
  3. The first course obviously didn't work if you're on your second now, so maybe the high dose method will get rid of your acne permanently.
  4. You're half way into your second month, you still have a long time to go. Some people here get their IB in their fourth month. Not much can be done about it other than wait.
  5. I got a cold when I started taking Accutane too, I just waited it out. Extra tea and water seemed to help a lot.
  6. The difference between Grade II & III is huge IMO. Judging by the pictures, I'm a grade II.
  7. Is his Jojoba going to be 100% Jojoba Oil? Or is it mixed with other "stuff"? I don't get why Dan would make it just Jojoba Oil when I can pick up the exact same thing with the same ingredient down the street?
  8. Gillette Sensor and Kiss My Face Unscented Shave Cream, shaving everyday so far.
  9. Quick noob question, What is the best way to steam your face? Put your face over a sink of hot water?
  10. I guess I'm one of the few that like their derm. My mom doesn't like him though , most likely because of his hesitation to put me on accutane. He had good reasons to not put me on so quickly though, so I understood that. He always answers my questions and doesn't rush the session. Best of all, he has this huge wall of free samples of cleansers/moisturizers/etc. that I have my pick of
  11. I also use the Aveeno Ultra-Calming moisturizer, works great. For my lips I use Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate, I have no reason to use anything else.
  12. My nutritionist recommended I take Ensure Plus, since I have a really tough time gaining weight. It has helped me a lot actually, gained 10 pounds so far I started taking Accutane a couple days ago, and I am just checking to see if it is OK to continue to drink Ensure? I've seen a lot of posts about limiting your Vitamin A and stuff, and Ensure Plus has 25% of my daily Vit. A? Any opinions? Here's the nutrition facts to help
  13. I'm using the moisturizer and I really like it so far, it has helped with my red marks too. Whether it is thick or not... I can't really say. The only other moisturizer I've tried to compare it to is Cetaphil's and I wasn't a fan. I don't think it is that thick though.