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  1. hi there, ive used sulphur soap from sulphursoap.com for a long time and it seems this last batch i got has a lot more fragrance in it! i actully seem to be breaking out from it, which never happened before. can anyone recommend a good sulphur soap? i know some say sulphur causes more acne, others say it doesnt. i guess it comes down to the person i was checking out kavis coral sullphur soap and saw it has palm oil in it, is that a bad thing topically?
  2. hi all, i think this will be my last post here, though i will follow it through im in such deep depression and ive entertained harmful thoughts and i thought id try for advice one last time here, as nothing has ever worked yet. for 4 solid months ive been on a no dairy no wheat, no sugar, no eggs, no grains (past month), really the only things i eat are green veggies and chicken and fish. was having brown rice and different beans for awhile but heard from here that they were bad so i cut them o
  3. what is a good source of fat then? i know fattie meat is but i have a real hard time digesting meat...anything else?
  4. it looked good...man i had that pain for over 6 hours...id burp and feel better for a sec....tuff night last night i tell ya!!
  5. hoesntly dood, u should cut out teh grains and sweet potatoes and the brown rice and then see, cuz they all turn to sugar!
  6. hey thanks i bought it at a whole foods market...still hurting after almost 2 hours....dam!
  7. hey all, i sit here now in horrible pain all through my torso. i decided today to have more beef in my diet and i havent had much in three months except for some roast beef slices here and there....so i ate quite a bit of stir fry beef today for lunch with some veggies. now im practically doubled over in pain and am wondering if this is a reaction because im having a hrd time digesting it??
  8. i recently posted about this too i was mostly on my right side of my face,,,and thats the side i sleep on mostly! my hair could be touching my face while sleeping, plus the pillow case could be dirty. try changing yer pillow cases more frequently ( i do almost everynight now) pull yer hair back if you can.
  9. hahah then yer derm must not have many patiences! theres tons of over 30's with acne
  10. well i guess that leaves me with only veggies and meat left! lol but if thats what it takes.... only thing i was stl eating was brown rice..so goodbye to that
  11. anyone else go through something like this? what did u do???
  12. i gotta speak up here cuz im very frustrated.... last december i decided to clean my diet and take good sups....after 2 1/2 weeks i was very clear..now i would noramlly get like 1 or 2 face pimples and some back acne...that all stopped. i had tested postive for candida a couple years before and decided to take some anti candida supps with this great new diet...horrible idea. i broke out all over my face in huge ones, very painfull. so i stopped teh anti candida stuff and i started clearing up ag
  13. maybe mix the vodka with bloody mary mix or at least tomatoe juice...prolly the healthiest mixer lol
  14. shiney bungleweed! wow what a great name!
  15. i found some komchucha tea with aloe vera in it...what are benefits of drinking aloevera?