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  1. I have not tried it but I think I will. I have itchy, yeasty arms and back. I have used the Nizoral shampoo, you need to leave it on for a while. So far the only thing that has helped is oral antifungals.The MD will not order it often, they do not believe much in yeast problems, probably because they have not had it themselves. But all the oral antibiotics I have taken leave my skin with candida flourishing on it. I intend to try the monistat. I also get tiny pimples that do not come to a head b
  2. I just purchased Jane Iredale liquid mineral makeup, and think it will be my favorite of all time! I have used most of the powder mineral makeups, and have been only soso satisfied with the results. However, this one I only put on my forearm and after sleeping, washing my hands many times, I can still see it and my skin looks so much better on that side (I have a lot of sun damage on my arms and hands, face too, but that is improving with all the acne products I use). I will be unable to use the
  3. Is anyone familiar with the difference between the older MAMA or M2 lotion? I have used Nucelles Mandelic lotion, and was happy with the light peel and the results. I just purchased M2 and am wondering if the MaMa lotion contained more, and if the m2 is actually more effective. I plan to use it on my arms and chest also to remove age spots, so would like to know which might go further and work just as well. Thanks in advance for any info!
  4. That is waaaay too strong, the oils would be irritating in that concentration. I use a bottle of the natural witch hazel, the one without alcohol, and add about 10 drops tea tree oil, grapefruit extract and lemonbalm extract, about 10 drops of each. It is good for the whole body and face. It helped with my bacne, but will probably not actually make facial acne go away. It is much cheaper to mix your own witch hazel than to buy the already made lemon, etc. infusions. Those are around 7.00 where I
  5. Wikipedia article with links to articles titled things like 'Seeds of Wellness: Return of a Supergrain' and 'Worlds Best Food?' Chia seed pumpkin muffins which Oz claimed had more magnesium than several heads of broccoli and more calcium than 2 glasses of milk. I read a book 30 years ago which stated the aztecs would eat chia seeds to survive their all day messenger runs, 40-50 miles in a day..... I recently found a way that I like them, I mix with unsweetened cocoa, coconut oil (for my
  6. Kannie, I have a new way I am learning to make my beloved chocolate.....as I am trying to find ways to use coconut oil for candida, also. I also use the same three as you, cocoa powder, coconut oil and stevia, and add to that a tablespoon almond butter, a scoop of chia seeds, some ground flax seeds, a bit of vanilla, sometimes a scoop of whey. Roll this into a ball, roll in organic unsweenened coconut and chill or freeze. Tastes better than any energy bar, high in fiber, and gives a burst of en
  7. I had 2 V-beams, not much improvement, it did help the Rosacea, 3 IPL's, the last one today, and the IPL seems to help the most. I did have 3 pimples surface by nightime, I know they were there lurking under the surface, but it is clearing my skin nicely. I am on retin a and Finacea, only stopped the night of treatment. You do want to be gentle for a few days after, no scrubs. Your skin needs to heal. I went to the movies a few hours after, just a little redness. Some people have some bruising.
  8. I love it, have used it for years. Right now I am using Thisalyn Cleanse, it is one that can be used every day. When on the Women's Renew I mostly used it all the time also, you may want to try the Thisalyn Cleanse when you finish the Renew, I really like it and I have used cleanses for 30+ years. My skin was clear most of my life, now I am dealing with menopausal hormonal acne, not fun.
  9. I may try it, I have spots that peel then are open again, just won't go away. Even had steroid injections 2 weeks ago, they are still there, under the chin. I heard years ago (25 or so....I have new onset adult acne, hormonal) that raw potatoes are a natural antibiotic, useful for healing infections and wounds. Thanks for the reminder!