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  1. Looking for advice on how to treat the scars on my back and shoulders. The only treatments I have received thus far are steroid injections to help flatten the keloids and I have also tried applying retinol cream on my back in an effort to treat the hyperpigmentation. Most of these scars are 7-8 years old. From what I gathered pulse dye laser might be an option since most of my scars have flattened from the kenalog injections and its really the color and texture I am trying to treat. I am un
  2. Update: Its been about 10 days since my subcision. The swelling has gone down entirely I would say. I am still cupping at least twice a day on my cheeks/temples. I do notice some improvement it is hard to quantify but maybe 15% - 25%. My temples softened a bit and I had a large linear atrophic scar on my right cheek that I feel improved the most. My skin texture overall looks more smooth and soft. I kind of got my hopes up with how great my skin looked the first couple days after the treatment
  3. After years of research and contemplation - looking into various treatments, consulting with numerous doctors and financially planning to pay to get these procedures, I got my first subcision done! This thread is about a year old but I thought I would dig it up again to share my progress with the rest of the community. I have widespread acne scarring across my face and back. Over the years I have familiarized myself with my scars and have researched extensively the medical literature,
  4. Are there any collagen supplements or products (Vitamin C) that are worth taking when undergoing acne scar treatments such as subcision, RF microneedlng, TCA cross, etc? I was considering taking some collagen supplements after my subcision to help expediate the healing/collagen formation process. But last I spoke with my general derm she said that collagen supplements are quite ineffective and the most someone can do to help their skin while it's healing is just to make sure they're getting
  5. Should I still suction if I am getting injected with saline during the subcision? I know if you get fillers there's no reason to since they both accomplish the same goal, but with saline being temporary and more easily absorbed by the body, should I even bother?
  6. I am looking for a detailed guide / step-by-step on how to optimally suction post subcision. I have my first subcision scheduled for next month and the doctor will be subcising my cheecks and temples while also injecting saline. How many passes with the device, for how long, how many times a day, how soon after the actual subcision can I start suctioning, etc. Also if anyone can provide a link to a good cupping set, I'd appreciate it.
  7. Thank you I read the FAQ. Is there any particular cupping set I should buy or one that anyone can recommend? There doesn't seem to be one listed on the FAQ.
  8. Thanks for the informative response. I am leaning towards doing cupping after my first subcision though and might decide to get fillers later on. But I will consult with my doctor and see what they think would be best for my scarring. Do you know of any guides on this forum or on the internet on how to effectively perform cupping after subcision? Also how long should one perform cupping for after getting subcision?
  9. What are the differences between the types of fillers? HA, Sculptra, etc. I am wondering if I should get fillers after my subcision or if I should do cupping. I have heard people say that getting subcision without fillers is essentially a waste. I know fillers help with the collagen reformation process but I wanted to save money and might opt for cupping instead. I was thinking I might need multiple subcision and would consider getting filler later on. Should I do subcision, microneedl
  10. What made you decide on HA fillers instead of Sculptra?
  11. Sure I understand. I am just trying to see whether or not the filler is worth it or if I should save the money and do cupping instead. Is it standard to get CROSS and subcision done together? I thought it was better to space out treatments in order to give the skin time to heal.
  12. What made you decide to do cupping instead of filler? Also out of all the treatments which one do you think yielded the best results, and how much did it cost?
  13. @beautifulambition Could Dermapen/traditional microneedling be an alternative to RF needling, to stimulate collagen production after subcision+fillers? There is a spa nearby that offers Dermapen facials that I wanted to get done before coming here for help. Also if fillers are not necessary after each subcision, would it be best to get it on the first session or later sessions? Would it be a fair statement to say that not getting fillers with your subcision defeats the purpose of getting subcisi
  14. @beautifulambition Here are some more pictures with different angles and lighting. Granted I have moisturizer on here, the scars look more shallow. If I did consecutive subcisions would I get fillers after each one, also which type of filler would be the best for my scarring? Sorry for bombarding you with questions. At the end of the day I will likely defer to the doctor's recommendation but I thought this would also be a good opportunity to educate myself. If you think sub