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  1. Hi all, As i’m sure you all are aware it’s the holiday season (merry christmas if you celebrate ^-^) and let’s just say I haven’t really been eating all that well. I did finish a course of accutane, and i’m currently on low dose retin a, but in the period of finishing accutane to starting retin a, I ate poorly and didn’t experience any noticeable breakouts. Could these recent breakouts just be from the retin a purge? I also just ate a lot of chocolate and am nervous i’ll break o
  2. Thanks so much for the advice! Thanks! I appreciate the input
  3. Hi I think I was in the same boat as you (17, boy, in school etc.) except my acne wasn’t really cysts, just scarring whiteheads etc. and older scarring (get rid of active, then scars later for me). I did start doxycyline and it did seem to help, however it turns out I had an allergic reaction to it, and as a result was put on accutane, as nothing else really worked. After my Initial breakout on accutane, my derm put me on antibiotics to reduce inflammation (you could continue yours g
  4. Hi all, This is more of an experience thread. As it was my birthday today I ate a large amount of sugary (chocolate), and dairy foods etc. I am on low dose accutane, and have eaten healthy for the most part of four weeks now, and noticed no real large improvements until recently, so I think diet isn’t really a problem too much. Just wanted to see if I break out, or if anyone else has broken out whilst on accutane from eating badly? please feel free to share your experience.
  5. BuSa



    Hydrating, delicious, and I seem to think as though it helps reduce any active spots, and helps to prevent note breakouts  you should try if you haven't already! 
  6. Never though of it that way before that’s for sure! Thanks for the input anyway, I really appreciate it
  7. I would too say my skin is pretty sensitive, but I guess I should test it before completely switching methods Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it!
  8. Thanks so much, i’ve already tried cutting out dairy, it seems to help. Do you think washing my face once would be beneficial, or maybe twice but once with only water? I really appreciate your input so thanks again!
  9. Right now i’m so confused, sad, annoyed etc. As of now i’m on low dose accutane, and abstaining from masturbation or any activity that makes me horny Yet as a normal body process wet dreams, IMO cause me to break out in the following 4/5 days after the occurrence even on accutane Is there anything I can do? and please share your story/experience it would mean a lot to me
  10. Hi, I used doxycycline for around two weeks, however, I was allergic to it and ultimately stopped it). The allergy was pretty rare so you don’t have to worry. I am unsure of the dosage (mg), and the length was shorter but I feel as though It did help some of my active acne to reduce - but I mostly have scars (from before, not the medicine) Just be careful with the topicals epiduo etc. and only put it on spots, not whole areas Hope this helps, and good luck! Hope everythi