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  1. Nah, no embarrassment here. But then again I'm an old fogey and the older a person gets, the less embarrassing things become. I actually tell people that I blog on acne.org. I'm not saying that I'm proud of my acne....but that I have accepted my acne. I'm still trying like HELL to get rid of it! LOL But it's a part of me and who I am. It does not define me, but it's a big part of what's going on in my life right now and people who know me well know I've struggled with it. So I'd have to
  2. I agree w/everyone on everything said above! But this does bring to mind a girl I went to high school with. So amazingly gorgeous that it hurt your eyes to look at her. Yes, I'm a female and no, I'm not lezbo! lol I'm just saying that everyone recognizes and appreciates beauty. So everyone was divided about this girl. Half were jealous of her beauty and hated her for being flawless. The other half daydreamed what it would be like to BE her. I was in color guard with her and we had to pr
  3. I've fought acne for so long and it sucks. So I would choose myself for more than one reason. First of all, I've made it this far with the acne, so I have proved to myself that I CAN handle it, no matter how low it makes me feel. And I would never want to see somebody I love fight this same battle or have the personal feelings from acne that I know all too well. So I'd gladly sacrifice my complexion so that the people I love wouldn't have to know what it's like.
  4. Rest easy. God has a plan for you....and perhaps part of that plan is acne? You may not see it now, but later in life you might realize that God strengthened you through your acne. He gives everyone a cross to bear. Maybe acne is your cross. Just remember, honey, that which does not kill us will only make us stronger. And He will never give you more than you can handle. Perhaps He knows that you're a much stronger person than the kid three pughs over who has flawless skin. He knows that
  5. The one thing that stands out for me is accutane OVERDOSE. You said that when you were on it with a prescription, you were on 10 mg. The unprescribed dose that you took was FOUR TIMES that amount. I'm not trying to chastise you here, just wondering if the problems you're having now are because 40 mg was just way too much for your body to handle. There's a reason why docs prescribe certain dosages to certain people, and different dosages to different people. It could very well be that your b
  6. My tolerance for alcohol has actually decreased, so yes, Accutane + alcohol = I figured a little alcohol here and there wouldn't hurt anything, and for a while the occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer didn't really hurt me. But then suddenly my tolerance went way down, to the point where just 1/2 a glass of wine will make me feel horribly sick. My body (my LIVER) just can't process it while on Accutane. I've not seen anyone else post an actual physical effect of drinking while on Acc
  7. Don't know if there is any truth to this or not....but I noticed you said you drank the calorie-free energy drinks. Which are laced with artificial sweeteners. I read in another post that the poster found research linking artifical sweeteners (containing basically chemicals) to acne in some people. So, the artificial sweeteners in your energy drinks might also have contributed. After reading that post, I decided to try an experiment. I used Equal and Sweet & Low every day prior, so I tr
  8. I was also an extremely oily person. Just like somebody else said....blotting face 1-2 hours after showering made the paper towel look like a greasy fast food bag. It was horrible. During beginning of Accutane (Sotret 40 mg/day) the oil actually increased. And then after 10-14 days I began to dry out. I'm now on week 10 and 60 mg/day and my skin and scalp are bone dry. I used to have to wash my hair daily or look like a greasy hippie. Now I can go 4 or 5 days between hair washings and not
  9. Out of curiosity -- did you take your Accutane less than 30 minutes before going to bed? I've been told not to lie down until 30 minutes or so after taking it. It can be very damaging to your esophagus, so staying somewhat upright until it's digested is a good idea.
  10. Hooooohahaha! I didn't know they make accutane you can take vaginally. Might be kinda fun.... *kidding* I agree w/everyone else -- this wouldn't have ANY effect on the accutane -- it's not a vaginally-related drug.
  11. I can't say that I feel any more "low" during that time than normal since I've been on the tane....but I can tell you for sure that the tane has affected my mood. As in, it's not my time of the month, not even close, but I feel very much like I have PMS. I feel very bitchy :evil: I knew going in to this that the drug can cause depression and even psychotic behavior in some patients, so for the last couple of days I've been thinking that my bitchy mood is the tane messing with me. I don't re
  12. Thanks, em2009, for citing your source! As I was reading through all of this I decided to make a post to urge everyone to believe NOTHING that is posted here unless a credible source of that information is cited. As proof that the person isn't just making assumptions or making it up. And then BAM -- there's your post complete with naming your source Honesly, I urge everyone to not take anything posted here as factual medical advice. I'm not calling anybody liars, I'm just saying that ther
  13. Aquaphor, made by Eucerin (and found in the body lotion isle) is excellent for the chapped lips.
  14. Hi Albert, I too am on my second course of treatment. My first course I never recalled being told to watch my diet. This time, however, I am on a much higher dose. I tried to watch what I ate.. no pizza, junk food, etc... during my first and second months and my trigylcerides were a little high. My derm told me to watch it. I started eating better during month 3, and my labs came out perfect. I also lost 5 lbs being as I've been drinking TONS of water. So maybe not eat MORE bad things to gain
  15. OK, so now I'm going to be paranoid! LOL I'm the yeast queen and have always gotten yeast infections easily. But I've been on tane for almost 6 weeks and haven't had one yet. Knock on wood.
  16. Not taking sides one way or another. But did Mom check with the dermatologist or another medical professional to ask if this type of Diabetes is linked to Accutane? Personally, I've not read any warnings in the medication literature. That's not to say that the warnings are there and I might have missed it. But I agree that if Diabetes was a high risk with Accutane, then the monthly blood tests would also be checking blood sugar levels along with the liver enzymes and triglycerides. But that
  17. Just remember that no matter how upset you are over the appearance of your face, the people who truly love you see right through the acne and won't really notice it's there. I've suffered from acne for several years and I'm 38! I've been really depressed over it on a daily basis. But know what? My husband, my mom, my dad, my son, my mother-in-law and even her family, have all expressed to me how beautiful they think I am. That really does make me feel better. My mom said to me that I have
  18. ChowYunFatt is wise! I also agree, find a doctor who will give you accutane. Keep switching doctors until you find one who will.
  19. I've seen that message board. In my opinion....the people who post there are in the minority who experience devastating side effects. I know it CAN happen to people. But when I talked to my derm about my concerns, he explained to me that the majority of people on accutane don't experience the extreme side effects. Those who do are only a small percentage. I've seen a lot of information posted here by people who have used accutane with success and only suffered mild side effects. I guess it
  20. When posting the medical information yesterday, I neglected to post this disclaimer.... Please do not interpret the "eye" information I provide as professional medical advice. I'm not a doctor, but I do have access to all sorts of clinical information on conditions of the eye. I will always quote my information source for reference in case anybody would like to follow up.
  21. Oh, by the way let me add a piece of advice. Again, please don't interpret this as professional medical advice since I'm not a doctor. But since I work where I do, I have gained a lot of knowledge on certain eye conditions and how to prevent them. What I'm about to say is common sense that is taught in school, but here it goes.... WASH HANDS! Especially do not touch your eyes if you have not recently washed your hands or if you are in a public/common area. Touching your eyes is the faste
  22. Ok....first of all I have to include a disclaimer. Please do not interpret this as professional medical advice because I am NOT a doctor...... I have access to tons of information on eye conditions because I work full-time in a school of Optometry library. In referencing Duane's Clinical Ophthalmology, volume 4, chapter 5, on the subject of bacterial conjunctivitis (the clinical name for pink eye), I may have found some useful information. Your eyes have natural defenses to bacteria, and on
  23. I read part of it.....then stopped. It's frightening! But on the other hand, I don't believe it's as serious as the writing makes it out to be. That's my opinion because I've seen so many commenters and bloggers here who have completed treatment and who are even beginning their 2nd or 3rd round of treatment, who haven't reported any brain-type problems
  24. I'm pulling something out of my rear end here, but... I've read in other threads/blogs that people are using something made by Eucerin for redness. It's a moisturizer with a green tint to it, to neurtralize the red. I've never seen or used this product myself, so I can't say how well it works. But I can tell you that the people who wrote about it are pretty happy with it overall. I'm actually going to look for some of this myself. I'm only on week 5 and I'm flushing. I had some flushing d