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    Current Regime<br />Perscriptions:<br />-Minocycline - one in the morning, one at night<br />-Differen Gel - at night<br />-Clindoxyl Gel - in the morning<br />Face Wash:<br />-Desert Essence with Tea Tree Oil & Awapuhi - Twice a day, morning/night<br />Moisturizer:<br />-Clean&Clear Morning Burst Oil Free - Morning<br />-Vaseline Lotion - Only when my face is really dry in some patches<br />Masks:<br />-Olay Daily Facials Deep Cleansing Clay Mask - Once a week, usually Friday or Saturday night<br />-Boots Conditioning Clay Mask - Once a week

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  1. indeed_


    I was on Minocin for about six months, I think. I don't quite remember to be honest, but it was around six or eight months. 1000mg a day. Differin gel, clindoxyl in the morning. And now, I'm clear enough that all I use is the Garnier Pure line. I had amazing success with the oral antibiotic, I'd definately recommend it.
  2. I'm actually on Minocycline, Differen, and Clindoxyl gel. Clindoxyl gel has 5% BP in it. So from my own experience, it's safe to use together, but you really should check with your doctor first.
  3. I've been taking Minocycline twice daily at 100mg for just over three weeks, along with Clindoxyl&Differen gels. I've noticed a little bit of a difference, but my doctor told me it would be at least six weeks before I see anything drastic. I'll keep you posted on my progress.