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  1. am fine thx. the ebook is bullsh1t. browse here you will find some topics abt it. in the ebook its says that you must fast for 3 days eatin only apples.you must also do enemas.thats it.it may help you acne but not cure it.as you know accutane can be dangerous.ask your derm abt it.if you liver is already under a lot of pressure i would not recommend accutane.you are also at a child bearing age.so b

    1. There are many myths surrounding the causes and treatments for acnethat cause confusion and frustration for anyone trying to cleartheir skin. Here are the most popular myths debunked for you onceand for all! Myth #1: Oily skin and hormones cause acne and you need to dry upyour skin to clear it up. Truth: Over-productive oil glands can contribute to acne but donot cause it. Oily skin is good for you and drying the skin onlycauses more problems with clogged pores and trapped dirt andbacteria. Hor
    2. Hello, how are you?

      hey you are so lucky..

      you look superbe and ... free from acne!

      I'm so happy for you,

      pray for me coz i'm still got these redness on my facehttp://www.sweetim.com/s.asp?im=gen&ref=11" target="_blank">http://content.sweetim.com/sim/cpie/emoticons/0002015B.gif" border=0 >

      1. hello, how are you and how about your acne??

        Can you tell me plzz about accutane and it's side effects plz,

        and tell me, do you know something about the magical ebook ''acne free in 3days''?

        hope will hear from you soon,

        for now bye bye and take care

        1. Hello everybody, hope your fine.. My severe acne broke out is slowly vanishing away, Like my dermatologue told me to do, Using Tretralisal pills, 2 times a day and rubbing isotrexin at night, and i'm using home made remedy too like, rubbing the sticky juice of Aloe vera leaves, I already used minocycline befor, my acne too had disapear but after 4months i have been admited to the hospital, saying that my liver have been damaged.. so everybody out there using Minocycline be alerte and take precau
        2. On dit que Accutane,

          C vachement dangereux

          alor fait attention ok

          1. A very Good Morning to you and thanks for replying me dear. well, I hope everything is ok for you.. not like me. you said one day i won't have it but when??? im just just fed up, My acne its like yours with reddish mark and all around my face but only on the low side of my both cheeks, forehead , chin and now a new place, it's on my neck.( give me some courage plzz, because now i have it more (acne) and not that much courage, i went to my Dermato.. yesterday and he changed my pills, i was usin
          2. HI everybody, First sorry for my poor english, I'm Dinah a girl from Mauritius island and im 26yrs old, I have acne problem since i was 18yrs, sometimes its show off and sometime it really scared me. Again i'm facing it but it seems its getting more difficult for me to face it, i can't see my face in a mirror, everyone telling me what i got on my face or what did u do with your face, ect.. its horrible and these days its erupted more and more.. I don't know what to do, just because of that i don