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  1. oh sorry Karen! That was directed at amelia As she uploaded pics earlier.. thought she could maybe upload her progress since then
  2. Could you post some update pics? I'm on yasmin too and want to see how you're getting along. Have you noticed any extreme facial dryness?
  3. Mine is a generic, maybe thats why! I'll definitely discuss this with my GP. Have an appt next week.
  4. I haven't dealt with what you are as I had acne before going on birth control but I've done extensive research into the matter and it seems your hormones are probably in a bit of a mess right now because of the birth control you were on. Your body needs to adjust back to its normal hormone regulation and this may take a few months maybe even more than that. You can help it along with topicals, bp is fine to use. Eat as clean as possible, exercise and cut out sugar/dairy. Drink nothing but water
  5. Googling this as we speak.. do you think generics make a difference compared to brand name?
  6. My skin doesn't agree with oils. The dryness is so irritating that its not something i can bear with and I don't think it will just disappear or ease up after time so I'm really contemplating switching. I know you were on Ortho before .. did that make your skin worse?
  7. So I have been on Yasmin for almost 3 cycles now. Finishing up my 3rd pack in 4 days. My breakouts have calmed down a lot BUT i have dry patches around my jawline/cheek/mouth area. Like really dry, tight and flaky. No moisturiser helps and I am literally smearing it on before bed so that my skin feels somewhat nourished in the morning. The dry patches and tightness disappear during my break week and then 1 week into bcp my skin starts slowly getting drier, tighter, flakier until it is really unc
  8. Just posting a little update for whoever is interested. I just finished up my 2nd pack of generic Yasmin (yiznell in the UK) last night. I haven't had a cystic breakout/pimple in quite a while - can't actually remember when the last one was so that's clearly showing the improvement! I am still getting clogged pores/small whiteheads around my chin but nothing major. I have noticed my skin is definitely not as oily as it used to be. So currently dealing with a couple of clogged pores/whiteheads an
  9. I'm on a generic for Yasmin (Yiznell generic in UK) .. has anyone been on yasmin or a generic for acne? What has your experience been?
  10. Thanks @Lexipixie I think I need to solve the underlying problem first which is my hormones. Its strange my skin will be looking okay for a day or two and then bam a new breakout. Currently dealing with 3 incredibly large, itchy and red ones on my right side.. I'm really trying not to give up hope because I know something will work. Can I ask how was your acne prior to spiro? Mild, moderate, severe? And how long did the spiro take to kick in? I'm on my second week of Yasmin .. it's killing me in
  11. Karen, it's okay to have these days where you feel down about it. You're allowed to feel that way and don't let anyone tell you different. I'm sitting here typing this with my face slathered in aloe because guess what! I woke up with 3 new cysts down my right side.. they're so incredibly itchy and red and sore but I'm trying my hardest not to touch. So don't worry I'll be joining you in hiding from the public for the next few weeks. It will get better .. try get onto Ortho and see if that helps.
  12. Hey there, I completely understand how you're feeling. I've actually called in sick to work the past 2 days because I can't stand to put makeup on over the bumps I have, partly because it's painful! And there is no way I am leaving the house with nothing on my face. I'm also trying to clean up my diet which hasn't been so great lately. Started yiznell (generic in the UK for yasmin) and am 1 week into my pills. Skin has gotten worse but I'm hoping it's the initial breakout. Honestly it's a long l
  13. wow .. your skin is beautiful and so are you!!
  14. Ive started taking vitamin a and zinc supplements too. Since Monday so its only been 4 days but I am hopeful it will lessen or hopefully stop my breakouts. I also think my bc hasn't been helping because microgynon30 has levonorgestrel which is notorious for causing skin problems and worsening acne. Honestly no idea why my gp put me on this but then again shes not a derm so maybe shes following bc protocol. It is one that is given as the first most option due to it having least side effects (this
  15. So i have been trying this for past few days .. washing with cold water and skipping my cleanser in the shower has helped with the dryness/tightness of my skin. However has not stopped breakouts. I think tbh its purely hormonal and nothing topical i.e. water/cleanser/creams will cure my acne. It's an internal problem (yay! ) But will continue to use cold water its more soothing on my skin. Hope this works for others if their acne is not hormonal