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  1. Hey there, I completely understand how you're feeling. I've actually called in sick to work the past 2 days because I can't stand to put makeup on over the bumps I have, partly because it's painful! And there is no way I am leaving the house with nothing on my face. I'm also trying to clean up my diet which hasn't been so great lately. Started yiznell (generic in the UK for yasmin) and am 1 week into my pills. Skin has gotten worse but I'm hoping it's the initial breakout. Honestly it's a long l
  2. happyeverafter

    Consistent clear skin!

    wow .. your skin is beautiful and so are you!!
  3. Ive started taking vitamin a and zinc supplements too. Since Monday so its only been 4 days but I am hopeful it will lessen or hopefully stop my breakouts. I also think my bc hasn't been helping because microgynon30 has levonorgestrel which is notorious for causing skin problems and worsening acne. Honestly no idea why my gp put me on this but then again shes not a derm so maybe shes following bc protocol. It is one that is given as the first most option due to it having least side effects (this
  4. happyeverafter

    What cured my acne

    So i have been trying this for past few days .. washing with cold water and skipping my cleanser in the shower has helped with the dryness/tightness of my skin. However has not stopped breakouts. I think tbh its purely hormonal and nothing topical i.e. water/cleanser/creams will cure my acne. It's an internal problem (yay! ) But will continue to use cold water its more soothing on my skin. Hope this works for others if their acne is not hormonal
  5. happyeverafter

    What cured my acne

    Okay! Will give this a go starting tonight, can't hurt as I have been breaking out constantly. Thanks for the advice
  6. happyeverafter

    What cured my acne

    My skin feels dry and tight after my shower... however I'm not sure if that is because of my shower or because I use my cleanser in the shower also (I usually shower after working out so I cleanse to make sure no sweat is clogging my pores). Its the La-Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel. Then as you do - I moisturise after. What moisturiser do you use to keep the dry skin away?
  7. happyeverafter

    What cured my acne

    Hmm is this to do with the opening/closing of your pores? I shower with hot water.
  8. happyeverafter

    Tanning products ???

    I have blotchy/scarred/pigmented skin esp on my face but generally I feel like my skin is transparent/blotchy and pale everywhere. Would tanning help with this? I don't want to go much darker but just to even out my skin tone and if yes, what would be the best noncomedogenic tanners that can be used on face also? TIA
  9. Hey! So I agree with the previous comment. Laser might be your best bet .. but I would definitely seek a specialist that knows what they are doing and have plenty of experience treating similar cases. Also just a side note that I don't think it is horrible at all! We are our worst critics and your scars are by far not the worst I have seen I have scars on my face which is harder to cover lol as they are right IN YOUR FACE so please don't feel down about yours. Sending hugs
  10. I am a 21y/o female, currently on Microgynon30 for my acne. I do feel it has helped in terms of the large spots I was getting HOWEVER I am now getting spots that are under the skin and never come to a head, they will pop up leave a red mark and then decrease over the next week or so. These are smaller than the spots I was originally getting but more in quantity so now my face is riddled in red/brown marks that makes me looks worse than before. I have been on this BC for 2 months. Is it safe
  11. Hi Marx28.. thanks for taking your time out to respond This is what worries me about Accutane, I even left going on BC for quite a while because I did/do want to clear my acne without taking oral medication. Have you spoken to your derm re. your periods? I didn't know this was a side effect of Accutane. I'd definitely get that looked into. I think Accutane for me would be a very very very last resort. Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope things begin to sail a little smoother for y
  12. This past year has just been horrible - my acne triggered it but now I'm not so sure my self-esteem and confidence issues are because of acne. I know if my skin was clear I would be happier so I will begin here on my journey to self-acceptance (Easier said than done). Decided to post on here as no one around me seems to understand, I'm constantly in tears because I can't stand to look in the mirror. Most people I mention it to say they don't even notice I have problematic skin although I think t