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  1. Hi everyone i have been on 40mg a day (2x 20mg) for exactly 23 days and still have not had any side effects?? Am i doing something wrong?? I am eating a fatty meal to help with the absorbtion of the accutane.I have cut out milk and all dairy products completely. So far i have not had any side effects at all to indicate that the drug is working. My skin has stayed exactly the same and i have not noticed any dry skin or dry lips at ALL!! How long does it (normally) take to start having side effect
  2. Thanks everyone for all your help and information. I have taken 20mg for 7 days to be exact. Then i upped my dose to 40 mg and have been taking it for 7 days also. So far i haven't noticed any side effects AT ALL!! No dry lips, No dry skin, Nothing. Hmmm something doesn't seem right.I should add that after i upped my dose i grew 3 new pimples. Anyway thanks guys and gals for all your information. It is much appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, i have just started taking 20 mg daily and was just wondering how long before i will start seeing results. I have mild to moderate acne. I eat pretty healthy and excercise (weights) about 3-4 times a week. I drink plenty of water. I wash my face every morning with cetaphil gentle cleansing bar and then apply benzoyl peroxide. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks everyone.
  4. hey everyone, Would it be the same in australia? As we all have a medicare card ( everyone that is an australia citizen has one) Also some people who get social security or welfare also get an additional Health care Card. Would it be free in australia too? Thanks for answering my question. Much Appreciated.
  5. does anyone know how much it will cost in australia? Also does all the blood tests cost you guys anything? If so, how much, Sorry for asking all these questions as i am really considering going on Accutane. Just want to make sure i have enough money LOL.
  6. Not a dumb question at all. You have to see the dermatologist first, before you get any blood taken. They will give you a prescription to go to a lab to get your blood done. They check for a few diff things. You don't have to go to the family doctor at all. The derm takes care of everything. Good luck!
  7. I know this is propably a dumb question, But i am considering going on accutane. What blood tests do i need done before i see a dermatologist. Do i just go see my family doctor and tell him to give me a blood test because i want to go on accutane? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys
  8. hi everyone, this is my weekly progress pictures starting at week 2, as there wasnt much difference from week one. Anyway thanks for looking. Any comments welcome. Thanks
  9. Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knows for sure whether or not Benzaclin is available in australia, Queensland (state)? If so, how much does it cost? I would appreciate it if someone from australia who knows wether or not this item is readily available in australia and also the cost of this item could answer this question for me. Thanks any informtation would be greatly appreciated. Cheers