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  1. I was working on something similar to this a while ago. Yours is a lot more comprehensive, though; very nice work. Shouldn't 'hormonal imbalance' feed back into the insulin resistance stuff somewhere, though? I guess saying 'hormonal imbalance' is basically the same thing as saying 'increased insulin/angrogens/etc'. I understand that laying out flowcharts is daunting if too many things interconnect, so you might've just stuck them all together for convenience's sake.
  2. Alright, so... I've been on vacation for a little over a week, brief update on how this is working for me: I stopped taking my antibiotic pill before the trip, but I kept taking everything else (4-6x 500mg taurine, 50mg zinc pill, and a multivitamin) pretty steadily throughout my trip. My diet is not even close to as strict as what others on here have been doing but I eliminated most fructose; its vacation, so there has to be some flexibility. Anyway, I've been doing pretty well; most days I ha
  3. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=186966 I finally made the flowchart thread. Sorry for the delay!
  4. I've been accumulating information on acne causes-and-effects, and its gotten to the point where it justifies a flowchart. Initially I posted this in the Fructose, Inflammation, And Taurine! thread, but its better for updating and discussion purposes if its a separate thread. So, without further ado: If anyone has any additions, suggestions, complaints, etc., I'd love to hear them. There are some things I still need to add; one that jumps into my head right now is dehydration as another cause
  5. Currently, I'm: avoiding fructose taking anywhere from three to five 500mg tuarine pills a day taking a multivitamin taking a 50mg zinc pill And that alone seems to be doing a very good job. I have one active cyst on my cheek, which I think has been in the works since before I started taking the pills, and maybe three barely noticeable non-inflamed whiteheads elsewhere. The rest of the redness is just skin that hasn't healed yet. My earlobe cysts seem to be getting smaller as well, and my sho
  6. I think it will be hard to make the flowchart look simple. Acne is really complicated! Anyways I think the flowchart should be on the first post in this thread. You can start a thread on that flow chart and that way you will be able to update it as ideas come to you, and I can link to your Flow Chart thread in the first post :) That way you have more control over your flow chart being up to date. Otherwise you'd have to send me a new flow chart when you made improvements and then wait fo
  7. Thanks for posting that Comedogenic list. I will look at the flowchart, if I find anything that I can contribute I'll let you know. So far it seems to be really good. Imagine try to tell someone all that in words, it would take hours. No problem, and thanks! About the flowchart: I've shown it to a variety of people I know in person; some of them understood it with minimal explanation, but for most people it went almost totally over their heads, at least without an explanation of each s
  8. (this sentence is how I end my post but I figure some readers might wish they read it first: So, all that useless rambling about myself, and no actual results. But, in a few weeks time, I should be able to say if this worked for me or not. And I'm getting good vibes.) Since we're trying to compile more results about following this regimen, a bit about me: At my worst, my acne is a bit cystic; I get small-medium cysts on my cheeks, my earlobes (those are the worst), my back, etc. Its not as bad
  9. I'm by no means an expert but I'm pretty sure that's incorrect. The source of urine is water from within the body; specifically, water that enters the bladders by passing through the kidneys. Thus, anything in urine must, at some point, actually be in the bloodstream. I believe anything that is not absorbed just becomes part of a stool. Can anyone else confirm this? I know that taurine needs B6 to synthesize but, now that I think about it, thats only when creating it from other amino acid
  10. Those are the kinds of little details I don't know. :P
  11. Nice post! Thanks! Looking at it less tired, I'm surprised that I think I actually got most of it right. Any additions would be appreciated. Two things I noticed though: first of all, the arrows pointing to bacterial infection, unlike all the other arrows, signify cures, not causes. Secondly, inflammation should actually point to taurine deficiency, should it not?
  12. I don't have any study to back it up (if anyone knows of one that would be great), but apparently at 118.5 degrees P. Acnes goes into some sort of heat shock response, and eventually dies. 118.5 degrees is below the temperature for skin to be damaged, though. At least, those are the assumptions that the Zeno operates under.
  13. First of all... Hey . Awesome job on the research, definitely caught my interest. Second... I just made this now (about three in the morning (so much for a regular sleep pattern...)), so I'm positive its inaccurate in many ways. But, I'm hoping though that those of you who are more knowledgeable about this can help me straighten it out. I also omitted a lot of things - the other mineral deficiencies, for instance - but I didn't want the first draft to go too crazy with details. Eventually th