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  1. i have a ton of tiny little blackheads on my nose. i read that the biore strips work but only for bigger ones? let me know what you think i should do thanks
  2. I dont have ANY condfidence at all. my question is, how does one build up confidence? annnnnnnd when theres alot of people and is im in a loud enviroment, my voice is sooooo like deep/quiet that hardly noone can here me. why is that? is that related to the confidence issue? how can i make my voice more clear? why is it, before i really wanted a job. but never got one. now, i dont even want to go out and get a job. would getting a job in a more social enviroment be good for a low self esteem/c
  3. does it close ur pores, the baking soda mask? cuz my pores are pretty open, and i want them closed.
  4. I have a small mole/ big freckle on my face.. today i notice a whitehead coming out of it... what should i do? if i pop it will it ruin somthing? im very concerned, and it looks wierd.
  5. i got like 4 huge pimples. 2 on my forehead, and 2 on my chin. should i put some ice on them? and how should i do so? just ice in a bag? thanks
  6. I just got a great deal from a friend, 200 bucks for this TV. once question, how would my PS3 and Laptop look on it? im not rly good with TV's. It's a Samsung HL-R5078W Samsung HL-R5078W http://www.crutchfieldadvisor.com/S-bjdfpn...samsung_tv.html and how would basic cable look? thanks
  7. link this video game trading company, is giving away bonuses to new members that register during the month of April. The bonus gives 100 Goozex points and 1 trade credit to new members, and allows to receive a free video game from the Goozex member network. To receive the free bonus: - Sign up on Goozex - Activate your account (confirm email) No credit card, no monthly fees required. Double accounts or multiple accounts from the same household disqualify you. To request your game: - Search f
  8. wow. ok. this turned into a big msn convo lol. well anyways, thanks all for the help. FYI, im not a dirty kid that doesnt wash. i shower everyday in the morning, and i used old spice body wash for my body. im using the little bally thing that holds all the soap. i always wear a new shirt everyday, as my ones i wear for a few hours at school smell like poo. ill try degree, and see how it works. thanks all. any more comments appreciated