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  1. Yes, mrstupor, please advise on how you removed the bioalcamid lump! That's kind of scary! Did you anesthesize yourself? I'm asking becuz I'm thinking about getting more bioalcamid, but fear of overinjection!
  2. Everyone, I just visited Dr Y today, and expressed my "misgivings" about the risks (> scarring and pigmentation problems), so I said I wanted spot dermabrasion for my most scarred skin area. I figured that if it's already so bad, then any change would be for the better. However, he said he was uncomfortable with spot derma on my olive (Asian type 3) skin. He said that we should both feel comfortable if he should perform the procedure, and in my case neither of us were, so he would not perfor
  3. That's a rather long post. Dawg, I feel for you. Scars suck big time. My impression of needling is that it's a crude form of Fraxel, which uses lots of small lasers to produce a needle like pattern. It's also my impression that needling doensn't work well or give lasting results after the swelling goes down. For ice picks, go for punch floats. For certain depressed areas where there was loss of tissue due to large cystic nodular acne, then filler like bio-alcamid can help. Best of luck.
  4. For guys, wouldn't it be cool to wear a Darth Vader mask after dermabrasion? In the movies, it's kind of a good thing that Padme "lost the will to live" because she would be screaming and falling out of love if she saw Anakin's burnt face . Obviously one of the reasons she digged him (and vice versa) was each other's looks. Considering the risks and inconvenience of dermabrasion, I'm thinking it would be wise if I only did a certain portion of my face, and that would be the portion where I
  5. Never ask the barber if you need a haircut. We speak from experience, and don't make a penny from posting on these boards. edit... I've had smoothbeam. The nurse and doc gave me bullshit about how much better I looked, but I can tell that my scars looked the same. Maybe they worked for some people, but not for me! I too was hopeful about smoothbeam, but my hopes were dashed. I underwent 6 treatments of vbeam/smoothbeam, and even waited for addtional 6 months for supposed collagen modulation b
  6. I was reading Miss Shady's posts. Girl, I feel for you. Like you and many others, I totaly obsess regarding my scars. I used to look at a hand mirror like every 20 minutes, which is obsessive compulsive.... there is a specific term for it I forgot (edit: it's called "body dysmorphia"). Now's it more like once every 2-3 hours, because it has improved some bio-alcamid filler. I'm thinking maybe I should ask the doc to NOT dermabrade my chin, which is okay and relatively smooth like Miss Shady b4
  7. Take off meetpete from negative (he got dembrasion with another doc), and add miss shady to negative. Some possible complications of dermabrasion: Answer (google) The following is the result of my research for short and long-term complications of dermabrasion: Better Health: Cosmetic surgery http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/b...ic_surgery?Open "The greater the amount of skin removed, the higher the risk of complications. Some of the possible complications of dermabrasion inclu
  8. This is just a rough estimate, but my impression from reading posts is that about 60% report good experiences (10-80% improvement, average= 30/40%), whereas 40% of others are disappointed with their experiences: more scars, dermabrasion line, uneven skin tone and texture. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Good experiences: Poe, leaffan, portland, drewboy, animegirl,... Bad experiences: Sword, kiki, meetpete,... Ideally, I would like to compile a list of of people with good and bad experiences
  9. After punch floats you leave on steristrips until they fall off of their own volition, which could be up to a week. Punch floats can leave a thin circular scar, which may be a little bit raised. My punch floats are so. I'm going for dermabrasion, so I think that should smoothen them out.
  10. samurai_jack


    Jen, For dermabrasions, Dr Y is usually booked a few months in advance, and you have to make a $2500 deposit. However, it's easier to schedule for punch floats because it's a shorter procedure. Dr Yarborough: (504)897-5899 I agree with you that many doctors won't suggest another doctor for a procedure. Many docs only know how to do laser, so that's what they suggest. s_j
  11. I'd say about half of the doctors that treat acne scars are on the unscrupulous side. Less than half actually care about your sorrows.
  12. treat acne alone: ~$1,700 (accutane, doctor visits, and other meds) acne scars: 1. Smootbeam/vbeam (Irvine, CA, Dr. Pilest): 6 treatments ~$2,000, result: no improvement 2. Subcision and consultation (Los Angeles, Dr. Moi UCLA Medical Ctr): $500 + $110, result: some improvement, but also a new 1/2 inch scar on right cheek. 3. Filler Bioalcamid (Tijuana, Mexico, Dr. Cervantes): $1000 for BA +$500 Dr. labor = $1,500, result: ~30% improvment overall, more in certain areas, less in others.