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  1. Fillers can be used to reduce volume loss, particularly in tethered rolling scars. I don't believe it's as effective on ice pick scars. Even on rolling scars, it's best done after subcision.
  2. Nobody knows because it depends on how their trials go and whether the product gets through the regulatory process
  3. I wouldn't put myself as a mod because I'm not quite active enough on all the threads. I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as BA either. Thank you though! I'm not sure. I haven't followed Sunogel as closely, as there seems to be more hype around other innovations lately. Hopefully it works. The more options the better in my book My confidence is definitely lower since developing acne scars. It would help if acne scars were viewed as an attractive feature, but unfortunately studies s
  4. It's tough to say without seeing the actual scars, because the type and magnitude impacts which treatments should be selected. This page has some helpful information on treatments: https://www.acne.org/acne-scar-treatment.html After viewing that web page, can you identify which types of acne scars he has? I wouldn't recommend starting off with any sort of laser treatment. Many dermatologists try rushing patients to that procedure. If your father has ice pick scars, TCA cross is usually
  5. There have been in the past, but I don't believe so. It might be time for a few new mods to help BA and company. BA is slammed with PMs constantly
  6. It sounds like it's pretty sensitive, so I'm guessing he won't be open to you taking a picture of his back. Unfortunately without one it is tough to develop a great plan. I would send a PM to beautifulambition to get some good recommendations. I'm guessing it would require multiple different treatments spaced out over time
  7. This dispute is spiraling out of control. No need for such division. We're all here hoping for innovations that help improve our lives
  8. You're probably right on the level of damage mattering. Maybe if the damage is mainly limited to the dermis
  9. Typically, scars are permanent and hair follicles don't regenerate, but there was one study involving acne scars where some scars went away on their own (IIRC). Does anyone know the study I'm referring to or have a link? I tried looking for the study recently but couldn't locate it
  10. Hopefully we get the study results by the end of the year
  11. $100 for subcision? $80 for TCA cross? These are the deals of the century. What state is this clinic located in?
  12. I haven't seen anything that indicates that Elastagen is a temporary filler. We'll see though. I'm not getting my hopes up in general
  13. No, there are no dermatologists in my area that specialize in things like subcision. The only option would be to go to LA or Washington for multiple different procedures. Subcision is the best treatment for rolling scars currently in existence, but it takes multiple sessions for optimal results. Even then, it's not something that will give miraculous 75% improvement to everyone. It would also be extremely expensive, especially factoring in the travel.
  14. The problem with treating large, wide scars is where do you even start? If you started in the middle of a rolling scar, the punctured area would probably attach to the tethered scar tissue around it. If you start on the edge, it may work, or maybe it would attach back to the tethered skin tissue in the middle. I'm not an expert on micro coring by any stretch, so I may be completely wrong. I hope I am. It does seem like a treatment that requires many sessions to completely treat large scars. The
  15. It's tough to see because of the photo quality, but there appears to be mainly ice pick scars with perhaps a boxcar scar. I can’t tell for sure. If I am correct, the best treatment for the ice pick scars is TCA cross. There are many peer-reviewed studies backing the efficacy of TCA cross and many of the top acne scar focused dermatologists speak highly of the method. Another potential option would be a prescription strength retinoid such as tretinoin or Differin (0.3%, not 0.1%), as there are a