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  1. Yet available treatments remain insufficient for many users. I view TCA CROSS and subcision as solid options, but wasting thousands of dollars on disappointing results is still very possible. Those treatments must also be spaced out for proper healing. The treatment process can take years. And it sounds like the options aren't good for the stretch mark folks either. Until better treatments hit the market, interest in this topic will remain. And while I generally agree that some skepticism i
  2. I'm a bit higher on the concept of elastagen than others here, especially for rolling scars. However, I'm skeptical that Allergan will focus on acne scars applications. Probably just wrinkles & stretch marks. There's (probably) still years before it hits the market too
  3. That's very impressive. It's one of the best success stories I've seen on the forum. Congrats!
  4. What if a certified derm examines the scar and determines that it's tethered? Would you still prefer TCA before subcision?
  5. Starting to agree with you re: the scar borders being so problematic. It's why lighting impacts a scar's appearance so much
  6. Differin works well when I put an occlusive substance on top I wish 0.3% was available OTC. Not a fan of some of these regulations
  7. Probably a similar time frame Congrats on the weight loss! Stretch marks are a nuisance, but maintaining a healthy weight is still good for your health
  8. I mean 5+ for elastagen being used on acne scars, @Anushkaàa
  9. I'm a bit disappointed because I was expecting results from a trial with human participants. This whole thing still seems 5+ years away for acne scar treatment. Quality of life is as good as it's ever been, but I'm stuck wishing I was born a bit later. Oh well. There are worse things to deal with than acne scars I guess
  10. Unfortunately, none of those remove atrophic scars. If any of them did, it would be well known and scars wouldn't be a big deal
  11. I'm all for advocating healthy eating -- as this website does -- but it's unlikely to eliminate atrophic acne scars by itself. Peer-reviewed data doesn't back the theory up. Anecdotal testimonials aren't convincing, particularly when unaccompanied by evidence. Acne scar revision is complex. Skin damage often reaches the dermal layer. For such scars, exfoliating the top layer of the skin won't help because the skin has atrophic tissue loss. This isn't the best place to spread your message,
  12. This thread has really gone downhill