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  1. @beautifulambition Hi BA, Thank you for the advice. Ive started a Retin-A 1% microspheres. ☺️ My last dose of accutane was November (2 - 3 months ago.) Just to confirm, should I start the Derminator right away or wait ~6 months (owndoc instructions say start needling 6 months after accutane, but are they being overly conservative?)
  2. @beautifulambition Thank you BA!! You are a legend!! I’m so glad you responded ☺️ I’ve been looking at the official acne scars thread and I’m unsure, in my case should I be doing the Chinese cupping method after subcision? Thinking of visiting dr rullan once the waiting period is up... out of state but doable since my bf lives in the area.
  3. Thanx for the response but I am interested in discussing avenues for improvement.
  4. Hey guys! I’d like some input on what I can do to help my scars now that I’m off Accutane. I think at this level of scarring I can achieve a very substantial improvement. I’m pretty sure subscision is a must in my case but what else do you guys think would help? Lasers? TCA cross? I am half Asian.
  5. Thank you all. You talked me off the ledge! This is truly despicable.
  6. Hey guys, I live in Edmonton AB Canada. Naturally I’ve been dreaming of visiting someone like Dr Davin Lim in Australia for my acne scar revision, but it’s out of my price range... Anyway, a new laser place opened up in my city (Albany Laser Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and I was perusing some pics. What do you guys think? Do they hold up to a Dr. Lim or a Dr. Rullan in your opinion?